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NFL Considering Regular Season Games in Germany, China

San Francisco has played in six foreign countries over the years: Mexico, Canada, England, Spain, Germany and Japan.

Over the past several years, the NFL has made clear its desire to expand its footprint internationally. A combined four regular season games will be played in England and Mexico next fall.

In a few seasons, however, it's possible that the game could touch down in two new markets: Germany and China.

Reports surfaced on Monday that the league is considering playing a regular season in Germany by 2017 and China by 2018.

No NFL team has ever played in China, but believe it or not, the 49ers have already suited up in Germany. Back in 1991, San Francisco battled the Chicago Bears in an exhibition game played at the Olympiastadion in Berlin. The 49ers won, 21-7.

Over the years, San Francisco has been a frequent participant in overseas games. Since 1991, the club has played in six foreign countries: Germany, England, Mexico, Canada, Spain and Japan.

Any official announcement is likely many months away, but given the 49ers international following and past willingness, it seems plausible that the franchise could be looked at again.

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