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Morning Report: George Kittle Says 49ers Can 'Win' with Jimmy G, Exclusive Interview with Mike McDaniel

Good Morning Faithful,

Here are the top 49ers headlines for Wednesday, February 3.

New and Notable

George Kittle Shares His Stance on 49ers Future at Quarterback

Every day appears to present a new rumor surrounding the San Francisco 49ers and their quarterback situation. On social media or trending on almost every sports talk show, the hype of offseason quarterback carousels continues to amuse media and sports fans alike.

Near the close of the 2020 season, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan doubled down on his faith in Jimmy Garoppolo, saying he anticipates the seventh-year quarterback to remain in San Francisco heading into next season.

During a recent string of appearances, George Kittle, who is currently in Tennessee after spending the last few weeks off the grid amid the noise, backed his head coach, and quarterback, amid the recent "chatter." Read More >>>

Watch Kittle's full interview on "Good Morning Football" below. 👇

49ers New Offensive Coordinator Mike McDaniel Gives an Exclusive Interview for the WON Digital Magazine

Can you explain how the run game can set up the passing game for success?

"The run game and the pass game aren't mutually exclusive. They both work for each other. When the run game is going well, a lot of defenses have to add a player close to the line of scrimmage and that leaves them vulnerable to pass plays and vice versa. If you're passing the ball well, you get safeties deeper and your run angles and your combinations work better. I'd say they both play off of each other and that's something that Coach Shanahan has done in his offenses – it's one of the things he's best known for."

What does TE George Kittle bring to the run game?

"George Kittle is starting to get the credit he deserves as one of the best players in the run and pass regardless of position. His presence not only makes defenses worried about him in the pass game, but his football foundation started with the run game so he's a player that we use at the point of attack a ton. When he's out there, he's very impactful on the run game in its entirety."

Read the full interview in the February edition of the WON Digital Magazine.

Quick Hits

According to Pro Football Focus, Nick Bosa has recorded the most quarterback pressures in a Super Bowl since 2006 with 12 against the Kansas City Chiefs.


On, media analyst Scott Pioli discussed the history of Mississippi Valley State, from which Pro Football Hall of Famers Deacon Jones and Jerry Rice hail. Read More >>>

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