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Morning Report: Deebo Samuel Talks Relationship with OBJ

Good Morning Faithful,

Here are your top 49ers storylines for Thursday, February 24.

New and Notable

Deebo Samuel Gives Insight on His Postgame Conversation with OBJ

Emotions struck as the clock winded down during the NFC Championship game at SoFi Stadium. The sixth-seeded San Francisco 49ers came a long way from their 3-5 record at the beginning of the season, but it ended on a sour note.

As the scoreboard displayed the final score of 20-17 and blue and yellow confetti rained down, tears streamed down wide receiver Deebo Samuel's face.

If you turned on the television or gave a scroll on your social media feed, it's likely you saw the images of Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. choosing to console an emotional Samuel on the sidelines rather than celebrating his victory. Despite the length discussion, Samuel, still engulfed in his disappointment from the loss, couldn't remember the conversation, but made sure to follow up with the fellow star receiver once his emotions settled.

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49ers EDU, SAP Partner to Provide Free STEAM Education Project Kits

49ers EDU presented by Chevron today announced the public availability of their new STEAM education project kit created in collaboration with RAFT (Resource Area for Teaching), a nonprofit providing educators with engaging hands-on learning resources and integral resource for Bay Area educators. Made possible by support from SAP, the project kit comes with all required materials, assembly instructions and suggested activities providing an engaging and collaborative way to learn STEAM concepts. Educators can now reserve free project kits for their classrooms at

Designed for grades K-5, the "Articulated Leg" project kit challenges students to engineer a device that can kick a ball into a goal of their creation. Along the way, students explore biomimicry, design thinking, Next Generation Science Standards for Engineering, and several related Math and ELA Common Core State Standards. Each student can create their own personalized device while being encouraged to share ideas and designs among their peers. This kit is the first in a series of football-related STEAM projects that 49ers EDU, RAFT and SAP will introduce to students.

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