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Meet this Guy: Ryan Seymour


NINERS 365:Kenny Powers.SEYMOUR:"I'm not trying to be the best at exercising. I play real sports."

NINERS 365:Vanderbilt football.
SEYMOUR:Anchor down.

BOSS... — Ryan Seymour (@SEYMONSTER62) April 6, 2013

NINERS 365:Favorite 49ers teammate?SEYMOUR:
Joe Looney.

NINERS 365:Hometown of Kingsland, Georgia. SEYMOUR:God's country.

NINERS 365:Playoff football.
SEYMOUR:Playoffs!?!?!?!?! (Jim Mora voice)

NINERS 365:Favorite cheese?SEYMOUR:Notch yo cheese.

NINERS 365:What did Drake say when you guys met?SEYMOUR:He thought I had a slightly better haircut.

Drake in the house! — Ryan Seymour (@SEYMONSTER62) December 5, 2013

* NINERS 365:Joe Staley. *SEYMOUR:#theBubbleKing - "He can blow a bubble mid play."

NINERS 365:Mike Iupati.SEYMOUR:#PeanutButterCups.

NINERS 365:Jonathan Goodwin.SEYMOUR:#DatShoeGameDoe.

NINERS 365:Alex Boone.SEYMOUR:#RicFlair.

NINERS 365:Anthony Davis.SEYMOUR:#BeesKnees / #CatsPajamas.

Just trying to be a baller @AnthonyDavis76 #returnofthemac — Ryan Seymour (@SEYMONSTER62) December 23, 2013

NINERS 365:Mike Solari. SEYMOUR:
Patches O'Houlihan.

NINERS 365:Tim Drevno.SEYMOUR:#TheProfessor.

NINERS 365:Kevin McDermott.SEYMOUR:A man of special talents.

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