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Meet the 2016 Gold Rush Squad: Kiirsta and Haley

View the best photos from the San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders' performance during the team's third preseason game.

  • Each week, gets to know two members of the 49ers Gold Rush. This week, we meet Kiirsta, a second-year member and San Francisco State graduate along with Haley a rookie member making her Gold Rush regular season debut on Monday night.

*Who is the most inspirational person in your life?

KIIRSTA: My parents. They are the strongest, most caring people and they have always been my biggest support.

HALEY:  My mom is the most inspirational person in my life because she has literally accomplished everything she ever set her mind to.



*What's something our fans would be surprised to learn about you? *

KIIRSTA: I'm a huge science fiction nerd! Star Wars: The Force Awakens is my favorite movie ever!

What is your biggest goal this season? HALEY: My biggest goal this season is to be recognized by my teammates and coaches as someone who works hard, is accountable, and loves and appreciates the team; and through that being able to make it back for another season!

Do you have any pets?

KIIRSTA: I'm a proud mommy of two small dogs: a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua. They light up my life!

What is your dream job?

HALEY: My dream job would be to become a famous singer/songwriter.

If you were a tourist in San Francisco, what three things would be on your must see list?

KIIRSTA: Definitely the Golden Gate Bridge, because it's iconic and the symbol of San Francisco. Spending a day wining and dining in Napa Valley. Muir Woods to see redwoods, the world's tallest living things!

If you could say anything to the 49ers fans what would it be?

KIIRSTA: I would give a huge thank you for all the love, loyalty, and support. You are the best!



What does it mean to be a 49ers Faithful?

HALEY: To be 49ers faithful is to enjoy being part of something greater than the score of the game. It's the atmosphere and sense of community. Having something you're passionate about bringing so many people together. To be 49ers faithful is to be unified.

What do you like most about being a member of the Gold Rush?

KIIRSTA: The best part of being a member of the Gold Rush is making great memories and great friendships that will last a lifetime. Being on the Gold Rush also allows me to pursue my passion for dance and gives me opportunities to work with the community.

What have you learned from being a member of the Gold Rush?

HALEY: So far on this Gold Rush journey I've learned that working hard, believing in yourself, and having faith will help you to accomplish your dreams. Always look forward, set the bar high, and be appreciative for every moment.

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