Meet the 2016 Gold Rush Squad: Alexandria and Savannah

Each week, gets to know two members of the 49ers Gold Rush. This week, we meet Alexandria, a rookie from Napa, Calif., and Savannah the third-year member from Honolulu, HI.What do you like most about being a member of the Gold Rush? ALEXANDRIA.:There is a sense of family being a part of this team. Everyone is extremely helpful and always looking out for one another's best interest. Being a Gold Rush member has been a lifelong dream and I am finding out that it is more than just dancing and the uniforms. My teammates are women I imagine being a part of my life far past being a Gold Rush member. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with them and cannot wait to create more memories.SAVANNAH:

Seeing my cheer sisters every weekend and experiencing this incredible journey together. It is truly life changing and I've made friendships that will last a lifetime.

What does it mean to be a 49ers Faithful?

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ALEXANDRIA:When I think of the word "faithful" a few words come to mind: dedicated, devoted, true, passionate, and loyal. It means that whether we are winning or losing, we stay faithful to our team and continue to encourage and persevere.

Do you have any pets?SAVANNAH: I have a sweet black lab who we named after our street in case he ever gets lost.  If you could say anything to the 49ers faithful what would it be? ALEXANDRIA:I am so excited to share this season with you! Fingers crossed for a memorable season with lots of wins and historic plays.Who is the most inspirational person in your life?SAVANNAH:*My guardian angel, my mom, Michele. She taught me growing up how to love unconditionally, to be happy, and to never take life for granted.ALEXANDRIA: My high school dance coach. Not only did she teach us dance style and technique but she was a second mother to all her students. She is an inspiration to everyone that meets her and a shining star at our school. I couldn't imagine a better mentor to help guide me through some of my most difficult challenges in life.What's something our fans would be surprised to learn about you?*



SAVANNAH: I cheered 4 years at the University of Oregon during the same time Chip Kelly was the head coach! Go Ducks!

Can you walk us through a day in your life? ALEXANDRIA:Alarm goes off at 5:30 am, workout, practice routines, eat breakfast, get ready for work, work starts at 8:00 am, lunch is at 12:00 pm and I either run errands or workout, get off work at 5:00 pm, come home, walk my furbabies, make dinner, watch a favorite show, get ready for bed, go to sleep.What is your dream job?SAVANNAH:Sports modeling. I would love to wake up every day, workout and take photos for a livinIf you were a tourist in San Francisco what three things are on your must do list?SAVANNAH:I would sail under the Golden Gate Bridge, do acroyoga at Dolores Park, run on Baker beach, and explore Chinatown.


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