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Marquise Goodwin: 'Things Are Finally Starting to Fall in Place'

The San Francisco 49ers are now 2-0 under the direction of Jimmy Garoppolo and picked up their third win of the season at NRG Stadium on Sunday. Garoppolo completed 20-of-33 passes for 334 yards and a touchdown in the 49ers Week 14, 26-16 victory over the Houston Texans. San Francisco has now won three of their last four contests, including their first set of back-to-back wins since 2014.

Here's what the 49ers locker room had to say following their road victory.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan on Garoppolo settling in after the first quarter:

"Just staying on the field a little bit longer. We missed a few explosives early in that first quarter. Everyone kind of had their turn missing them. I was proud of our guys because usually when you miss some ops (opportunities) like that – we knew we would have them, we came up a little short, guys kind of get down. But no one hesitated in the second quarter. You know Jimmy (Garoppolo) made some big plays. Juice (Kyle Juszczyk) made a huge play. (Garrett) Celek made a huge play. Marquise (Goodwin) made a number of them. Those guys rebound and come back. We knew it was kind of feast or famine versus this defense because they are a very physical defense. They do a lot of stuff. But sometimes you'll get your opportunities, and we were fortunate enough to come down with them."

Shanahan on the team learning how to win:

"I do. We haven't won a lot this year, and to win these last two – I believe that's three of the last four, I think – it's definitely exciting. You can feel it in our building. Guys are gaining that confidence. Versus Chicago, by no means did everything go perfect, and by no means did it today. But that's what you like, guys that aren't affected by how things go early. They are on to the next play. They play every single play the same. And I do believe, especially these last two weeks, we've done a much better job of doing that. It's led to good things when the clock's ended."

Shanahan on the play of the defense in the fourth quarter:

"I think we switched up some coverages a little bit. Adjusted some personnel there too. We had a rough first drive coming out in the third quarter. They went down and got that touchdown right away. And then they kept them out the rest of the game. (DeAndre) Hopkins is a very good player. We knew he was going to have his. I thought we did a good job for the most part. I know we gave up that big, it looked like a seven-cut, to him there at the end, which we shouldn't have in that coverage. But T.J. (Yates) made a good throw, and he dropped it in to him. Just thought we played them better the rest of the game. We didn't let them get by us. Caught a few things in front of us. If you can bend but don't break against him, then you're usually doing a good job."

Shanahan on the last few weeks validating the team's hard work:

"That's the biggest thing. I've kind of said it all year. I do believe our players have fought very hard all year. There's been a couple games where, I look back to the Indy (Indianapolis) game, maybe the second half of the Seattle game, the third quarter of the Dallas game, there's a few times I was a little disappointed that we just weren't going as hard as we could. But I thought for the most part our team has really competed this year and done everything I've asked them to do. Guys do that for a long time, and you want them to be rewarded. They've gotten that three out of the last four weeks. You can tell the guys really enjoy it. It makes it a lot more fun coming to work. I think it will lead us into really looking forward to next year too."QB Jimmy Garoppolo on pulling off a comeback:* *

"It's not something we want to get into. We would love to be ahead in the fourth quarter, but it's finding a way to win really. I think week-by-week, we have a young group of guys in there who are learning how to do that. We're figuring out different ways. I mean last week was a field goal, this week defense stepped up huge at the end for us. It's just finding a way to win."

Garoppolo on the change in the team since his arrival: "I've only been here for a short time, so I don't know exactly what's changed or what hasn't. I think we got a little bit momentum with us right now, and we just need to keep plucking away day by day, and just keep getting better. That's what it's all about, especially this time of year. You know, we only have three games left now, so we just have to keep getting better and good things will happen."TE Garrett Celek on his 6-yard touchdown:

"I came underneath the offensive line, a little boot. And I just I saw the outside linebacker. He crashed down and right when I saw that, I knew right away I was going to get the ball. I kind of just walked in. That was an easy one."

Celek on the teams hard work paying off in recent weeks:

"The first five games of the year, we lost, but we only lost by three points or less. And we all knew we were a better team than what we were showing. Things just weren't clicking for us and now they are. Winning is contagious and we're just going to keep getting better."

S Adrian Colbert on his forced fumble:

"We were just in a quarters coverage, and I'd seen the screen and attacked on it like I usually do. When I see something, I go full speed, and I saw (No.) 10 (DeAndre Hopkins). I was trying to hit (No.) 10 all game and I finally got my opportunity.

"I knew I made a big hit. I really didn't care if the ball came out, I was just trying to hit (No.) 10."

Colbert on covering Hopkins:

"He's a great player. You see it on the film and you see the numbers. The guy is like somebody you kind of have to double cover. I don't care who your cornerback is, you have to double cover the guy. He's a great receiver, he's always been a great receiver. He's one of the premiere league receivers. Him and A.B. (Antonio Brown), those guys are really great players and you have to pay attention to them."LB Elvis Dumervil on the vibe of the team behind Jimmy Garoppolo:

"I think he's doing a tremendous job. I think he brings a lot of energy, and kudos to the offense. They did a good job. Kept us rested a quite a bit. Got some points and we were able to try to keep the lead, and got two in a row, so that was huge."

WR Marquise Goodwin on his chemistry with Garoppolo:

"Jimmy (Garoppollo) and I are able to click because we are professionals. This is what we have to do. That is why we are hired to come to this organization to make plays. Regardless of the time we didn't have together, we have to find a way to make those plays."

Goodwin on Garoppolo elevating the play of his teammates:

"One hundred percent. Jimmy (Garoppolo) is a great guy. He's a natural leader. He doesn't struggle at any point in the game. When you see that in a position that he's in, it gives you extreme confidence. When you look at him in the third quarter or in the second quarter and you're down by one, you're up by one, you feel that sense of hope. You feel that sense that I'm going to get the job done. At no point in the game do I ever feel like we are behind or we are slacking in that position because he's led us the whole way from start to finish."

Goodwin on making a habit out of the team's wins:

"Winning is hard to do, especially in this league. We're surrounded by such great athletes and good coaches, it's hard to do. So, when you get one, and you get another back to back, it kind of becomes a habit. You want to form those good habits, especially leading into the end of the year, we want to finish strong and as a team, and have high hopes for next year. We're getting the ball rolling, and things are starting to fall into place. I'm just thankful for that."

NT Earl Mitchell on the 49ers recent victories:

"It's big. Our team is fairly young and it's important for us to learn how to win, especially with young guys like the guys that we have. We have a lot of potential, a lot of talent. It's all a matter of just figuring out the little things and just learning how to manage the game, take care of your responsibility and just execute when you're supposed to. I think our guys are starting to pick up on it and we are doing a decent job of it."

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