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Manny's Law: Not in the Doghouse


Linebacker Manny Lawson will continue with his popular column, "Manny's Law," for the third season in a row. We'll post short excerpts here on, but you'll have to join Manny over on to get the full story!

I just tried to answer a few of the messages I received on my page. Thanks to everyone for your many good wishes and frustrations over not seeing me out on the field more last week.

I am not in the doghouse, no worries there. My knee is not even a problem, whatsoever, so no worries there either.

The defensive staff just went with a different game plan, which worked, because we got the win, which is all that matters.

I knew early in the week what the situation was going to be, so I requested to play on as many special teams as I could be on, to which Al Everest obliged.

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