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Looney's Blog: On to the Offseason


Everybody was disappointed to see the season end in the Super Bowl, but we're all looking forward to the offseason, getting better and getting ready for the next one.

The coaching staff did a great job of helping me get used to the NFL during my rookie year. Before every game this season, a few other young linemen and I did a workout with Coach Mike Solari. We would go through the run plays and some of the pass plays before the game, making sure we're full speed mentally. If we got called up, we'd know what we'd have to do in the game. We'd go over our plays and footwork drills and everything, and it shows how dedicated our coaching staff is to winning.

It's awesome to have all of the veteran offensive line guys in the room to look at. They taught me what it means to be a true professional this year and what it really takes to play in this league. Everybody in that room is going to do whatever it takes to get bigger and to get stronger this offseason.

They deserve all the accolades they receive because they come in and work hard every day. It's great that they've been recognized as the best offensive line in the league. They're always watching film or always in the weight room or always doing something to get better and stay ahead of the game.

I've been working at all three interior line positions this season. I think I'm getting a hang of center and I'm just going to work at it this offseason and come back better. Whether it's at guard or center, I'll do whatever the coaches want me to do and try at the best of my ability.

This offseason, I'm going to be here at the team facility with Kenny Wiggins and Al Netter and I'm looking forward to working with them. My brother James enrolled early at my alma mater Wake Forest to play football and he's already there working out, getting ready for his freshman season.

I really enjoyed my experience in the Bay Area this year. It was great to come here and meet the people.  The weather was kind of crazy out here, I didn't know it got this cold sometimes. But I really like it in California, especially coming out here with a great group of guys and teammates. Now I'm just ready to get back to work for another year.

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