Live Updates from NFL Owners' Meeting in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO -- The third and final day of the 2015 spring NFL owners' meeting should provide valuable insight on several noteworthy topics.

Commissioner Roger Goodell is set to address the media at the conclusion of the event on Wednesday.

Highlights from the first two days included New England Patriots owner Rober Kraft discussing his reaction to the league's ruling on his team's involvement in releasing air pressure in game balls before the AFC Championship game. Kraft ultimately decided to not appeal the NFL's punishement, which included the loss of two draft picks. 

Another big headline was the rule change to point after attempts. The NFL announced that PATs will be snapped from the 15-yard line, which will set up 33-yard attempts for the likes of Phil Dawson and other kickers around the league. In the past, PATs were 20-yard tries. Two-point attempts will remain at the 2-yard line. In addition, interceptions and fumble recoveries on two-point conversions, as well as blocked kicks on PATs, can now be returned for two points for the defensive team.


NFL executive Eric Grubman just held court with reporters about the league's future in Los Angeles.

The Oakland Raiders, San Diego Chargers and St Louis Rams have all been linked as teams who could potentially relocate to Southern California. Grubman, who is overseeing the NFL's LA initiative, said the league has looked at temporary venues in LA for upcoming seasons while stadiums are constructed. He also said that if a team were to move to LA and be in operation for a year, the Super Bowl could be played there in 2020.

Grubman summed up the league's Los Angeles-interest best with this quote: "It's incumbent on us to help a team who doesn't want to fall behind the rest of the league."

Grubman also went on to say that Levi's® Stadium was constructed to fit the needs of two football teams, but he added that there have been no current studies at this year's meetings about the Raiders moving into the 49ers home stadium.


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The commissioner has spoken.

Goodell just met with the national and local football press to close out this year's meetings. It was fascinating to see how he handled many poignant questions about the league's Patriots investigation, rule changes and how the NFL is seeking to raise its global profile.

Here's some of the most notable points made by Goodell:

-The rule changes (described above) were called "terrific" by the commissioner, who reiterated that ownership felt the point-after attempts "lacked excitement."

-The PAT rules will be adjusted slowly. "Ownership would like us to do these in stages," Goodell said. The focus is on evaluating the impact of the changes and if they bring added excitement to the product.

-Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami and Tampa Bay are finalists to host Super Bowl LIII. Goodell added that there's a provision to consider a Los Angeles-based team should one be in place in the coming seasons.

-Goodell did not say if he met with Kraft before the owner's press conference on Tuesday. The commissioner only pointed to his respect for the Patriots owner in the way he handled the situation. "I admire the step he took," Goodell said. "We might disagree on some things, but that's not unusual."

-Goodell maintained that he'll reside over Tom Brady's appeal of his four-game suspension for his role in the NFL's investigation. Goodell said he's willing to hear Brady out if there's any new details to share with the league. "I look forward to hearing from Tom if there's new information," Goodell said. The commissioner was unaware of any date set for Brady's appeal hearing.

-Goodell had no issues with leaks from the NFL prior to the Ted Wells report being made public. Goodell said, "I thought his report was clear. It was very comprehensive."

-As for the other big topic of the day, the Raiders, Chargers and Rams looking into moving to Southern California, Goodell said that the focus right now is evaluating the possibilities in that market but also allowing "local markets" to make things right in their respective bids to keep their local teams.

-Goodell wouldn't go as far as saying it's a lock that NFL football will be played in Los Angeles in 2016. "I don't think it's inevitable," he said. "There's certainly momentum. There's certainly possibilities."

-As for the league's stance on growing the game globally, Goodell said there's interest in playing another regular season game in Mexico, in addition to the current slate of games in England. The commissioner also said that there's "some interest" in hosting a future Pro Bowl in Brazil and growing media availability in Germany.

-Lastly, in news that 49ers fans want to hear from Goodell, Raiders owner Mark Davis remains committed in building a new stadium for his club. When the commissioner was asked if there's been any exploration of the 49ers sharing a stadium with the Raiders, Goodell said, "Mark wants a long-term solution."

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