Lemonier and Moody Make BCS Predictions


Locker room bragging rights will be on the line for Corey Lemonier and Nick Moody when the Auburn Tigers play the Florida State Seminoles in Monday night's BCS National Championship game.

It's a big deal for San Francisco's third- and sixth-round draft picks. Both 49ers rookies have already been sharing playful jabs with each other about the big game for their respective schools. It will surely continue throughout the game.

Niners 365 reached out to both linebackers to get their game predictions and MVP picks.

Here's what ensued.

I need a #BCS title game prediction from @CoreyL55 & @Moody54TMB... What's going to the be the final score who will be MVP? — Taylor Price (@TaylorPrice49) January 6, 2014

Moody, the No. 180 overall draft pick and proud Seminole, was first to share his opinions.

@TaylorPrice49 @CoreyL55 #noles 45-20. MVP will be @Jaboowins or @TelvinSmith22 — Nick Moody (@Moody54TMB) January 6, 2014

Lemonier followed up shortly after with a broader pick for MVP.

@TaylorPrice49 @Moody54TMB auburn 47-FSU 3 ...MVP -everybody — Corey Lemonier (@CoreyL55) January 6, 2014

Moody wasn't pleased.

"@CoreyL55: @TaylorPrice49 @Moody54TMB auburn 47-FSU 3 ...MVP -everybody" thought it was supposed to be a realistic prediction.... — Nick Moody (@Moody54TMB) January 6, 2014

Lemonier offered his reasoning.

@Moody54TMB @TaylorPrice49 I'm trying to be realistic. You don't want me to go over the top — Corey Lemonier (@CoreyL55) January 6, 2014

Both players will surely continue the back-and-forth. As for Moody, he already has his gameday attire planned out.


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