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EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Juszczyk Talks Friendship with George Kittle and Fashion Evolution

The San Francisco 49ers "Career in Looks" video series presented by Microsoft Surface offers an engaging and personal perspective on the lives of 49ers players, allowing the Faithful to delve into the most iconic moments of their careers and their distinctive fashion choices.

Spanning from their early days in the NFL to the present, "Career in Looks" features several players reminiscing about their experiences, emotions and thought processes during pivotal moments of their football careers while also sharing the significance of their outfit choices. This unique blend of sports and style lets the Faithful truly get to know their favorite players, shedding light on their journey to becoming NFL elites while uncovering the players' individual fashion identities.

Pro Bowl fullback Kyle Juszczyk was featured in the most recent edition of "Career in Looks," and broke down his most iconic looks from the Senior Bowl to now.

When Juszczyk reflected on his arrival outfit to the 49ers Week 12 contest against the Minnesota Vikings in 2021 at Levi's® Stadium, he shared some insight on his close bond with All-Pro tight end George Kittle.


"We're each wearing each other's hoodie. I've got his Kittle Joker Nike hoodie on and he's got my fresh squeezed juice hoodie on which my wife designed," Juszczyk said. "This is just awesome because George has been one of my best friends since I've been here at the Niners and we've been together for seven years. We work together a ton on the field, we're in combination blocks all the time, but we also hang out all the time off the field. Our wives are best friends and we go on vacation together, so this will probably be in my house one day just as a great memory of what a great friendship and teammate I've had with George.

"We planned our outfits this day. He had given me his hoodie that week and I told him I was going to wear it, so then I gave him my hoodie.

"It's super important to have a close connection with someone on the team. You always need someone that you can confide in and laugh with. Going through shared experiences I always say builds the best relationships and George and I have gone through so much together on and off the field. We have a true understanding of what each other has gone through. It's just really easy to relate with one another and have a close bond like that."

For an exploration of the intersection between football and fashion and to get an intimate look into the lives of 49ers players, check out the latest "Career in Looks" video here.

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