Innovation Conference


Over 120 attendees representing NFL, NHL, NBA & MLB attended the inaugural conference in 2017 and we are excited for an even more expanded agenda in 2018!

Innovations in technology and business strategy & analytics (BSA) are impacting professional sports teams everywhere. Many teams, including the 49ers, have capitalized on the role of technology in sports and are investing in companies that impact our business both on and off the field. Most importantly, professional sport teams have increasingly recognized the important role of BSA in optimizing ticket sales, fan experiences, fan engagement, and ultimately, revenue and profitability. This recognition has led to fast-paced innovation and an ever-evolving landscape within our industry including the creation of numerous start-up companies looking to leverage professional team's thirst for data. As the first conference dedicated to BSA, the event provides a platform for leagues, teams, corporate partners, vendors, innovators and investors to come together to share our ideas, experiences and outlooks. By encouraging discussion across key themes and trends in BSA, we ensure you remain at the forefront of your industry.


The second annual Innovation and Business Strategy Conference will feature subject matter experts across multiple disciplines driving innovation in professional sports business strategy and analytics, including:

  • Ticketing, CRM and Data Analytics Partners
  • Behavioral Economics and Psychographics Specialists
  • Artificial Intelligence Pioneers
  • Business Strategy and Analytics Professionals
  • Venture Capital Investors