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Hill will do Whatever it Takes


QB Shaun Hill chatted with the media on Monday. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO.
Six days after charging ahead for a first down despite losing his helmet, quarterback Shaun Hill dove head first (helmet intact) to recover a fumbled ball by running back DeShaun Foster. The maneuver put Hill smack in the middle of harm's way as defensive lineman Adam Carriker also dove for the ball.

"I'll do whatever I can to try and get the ball," said Hill.

Told by reporters that it appeared to be one of those cringe moments, Hill responded, "Well, one thing about this game is you can't cringe at any point. You have to go all out. That's something that is important, you have to go after balls like that, no doubt."

Although head coach Mike Singletary required the team to report on Monday for meetings and film study, Hill said it wasn't that much different than the win-Mondays (day off) that former head coach Mike Nolan rewarded the team with.

"The good thing about this locker room is there are a lot of pros in here and either way guys are in here on Monday anyway. So yeah, it is nice to be able to…to go ahead and come in because there is things we need to learn from this film even though it was a good win, there are still mistakes out there and things we need to learn from so it is…I find it very important to be able to come in here and still go through the film with the coaches. But like I said, even when we were getting those win Mondays, all the pros in this room were coming in anyway."

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