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Going Deep with Lamont and Tonelli: Steelers Blog



107.7 The Bone's Lamont & Tonelli and "Super Producer Sully" have been heard on Bay Area morning radio for nearly two decades. As hosts of the 49ers pregame show, Lamont & Tonelli have also shared their perspectives in their own Go Deep online column. For the 2007 season, you can find them and interact with them on our social networking site**

Tonelli's Take...

I know everybody's been talking about the 49ers defense and I think their defense has been very good, but I think the thing that's been under the radar has been the special teams. Just watching the special teams play is a lot of fun with the way they're covering kicks and securing field position for the offense. From talking to Joe Nedney on our show every Thursday and Jeff Ulbrich on our show every Monday, they are just really excited about the play of the special teasm and they're jacked to be a part of those units. Last week they bottled up Dante Hall a couple times, including one where Marcus Hudson had him bottled up at about the 8 yard line and he had nowhere to go. That was just great. I think he was rattled a little bit because he later muffed a punt that set up the game winning field goal.

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