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Frank Gore Explodes for 52-Yard Run

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Frank Gore showed no signs of rust in his preseason debut.

After sitting out of the San Francisco 49ers preseason opener, the franchise's all-time rushing king made a big splash in Week 2.

Gore, the 49ers all-time leader in carries, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns picked up 52 yards against the Kansas City Chiefs on his first carry of the preseason.

It also happened on San Francisco's first play from scrimmage.

Initially, it appeared as the though the nine-year veteran and 30-year-old running back would be stopped for no gain on a run to the right side of the field, but Gore quickly sliced back to his left and had a whole lot of running room.

Even Colin Kaepernick was about 30 yards down the field getting in the way of Kansas City linebacker Derrick Johnson.

"That was Frank being Frank," the 49ers quarterback said. "I tried to chip someone, but I had second thoughts about going in head-first."

Gore was eventually slowed down towards the left sideline, but he cut back to his right across the middle of the field and was tackled at the Chiefs 23-yard line.

Despite the big run, the 49ers settled for a field goal. Kaepernick overthrew an open Chad Hall on a 3rd-and-11 from Kansas City's 24-yard line. Phil Dawson came on the field and connected on a 42-yard field goal, his third make of the preseason.

"I'm just playing football," Gore said during his televised interview postgame. "I got a great offensive line."


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