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Forty Viners Week 11: Invasion of New York

After each game, will bring you a roundup of all the Vines shot by the "Forty Viners" team.

For the 49ers Week 11 game against the New York Giants, Vine artist Ian Padgham and I met at Vine headquarters in Manhattan and made several stops around the city to document the #49ersInvasion.

Which Vine was your favorite of the weekend?

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The first stop on our Vine journey around New York City was 49th Street station in midtown. Yes, we actually convinced one of the drivers to yell "Nobody!" as the train pulled away.

The view of the New York skyline is amazing from across the Hudson River. Several San Francisco landmarks happened to appear during the shoot.

Want two people dressed as the Statue of Liberty to hold a "Kaepernicking" pose for two minutes? It will cost you $10. Money well spent.

The Empire State building is often lit up depending on different events at the time. The "Forty Viners" made sure they paid tribute to San Francisco's arrival in the city.

We took the liberty of making a few alterations to Times Square. Can you spot all of the differences? Comment on this post on Vine.

Another road stadium, another 360-degree view.

If you like the video game-style previews, they just might become a weekly tradition.

Red and gold jerseys were visible in the stands at MetLife Stadium. There were even a few "DE-FENSE" chants coming from the crowd while New York's offense was on the field.

The 49ers Faithful made their presence known, including this fan who wanted to show us just how excited she was for the game.

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