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Former 49ers Director of Travel, Team Services Dave Rahn Passes Away

Rahn, the team's former director of travel and team services, passed away from cancer on Sept. 18, 2014.

Dave Rahn, who played an integral role in the 49ers organization for nearly two decades, passed away Thursday morning in his hometown of San Diego at the age of 50, after his courageous bout with cancer. 

During his endeavor with the disease, Rahn drew the support of many former teammates and staff, including Ronnie Lott, Steve Young, Eddie DeBartolo, Jr. and Keena Turner. 

"He was trusted by all the players, dependable to be there and he did his job in a very personal manner, it wasn't just business," Turner said. "He cared about the guys. That's why so many relationships have lasted all these years. He will be missed." 

A trusted friend and associate, Rahn spent 16 seasons with the 49ers as the team's director of travel and team services, where he was responsible for all football operations, including travel accommodations, practice schedules and lodging, among others. During his tenure, he coordinated and oversaw operations for eight international games and two Super Bowl appearances. Rahn is singlehandedly responsible for creating the team's first-ever in-season meal program. 

Rahn began with the franchise as its public relations assistant from 1986 to 1992, before being promoted to coordinator of media relations in '92. In 1994, Rahn took over as director of travel and team services, where he remained until 2002.

He is survived by his wife Holly. 

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