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Deebo Samuel Honors Late Tommy 'Tiny' Lister With Gameday Entrance

Rolling into action, Deebo Samuel Sr. cruised on two wheels just hours before kickoff against the Seattle Seahawks.

For his IG-worthy entrance, Samuel was dressed in a flannel that featured an art piece on his back of the late Tommy "Tiny" Lister, who played the iconic Deebo character in the 1995 movie Friday. To top it off, Samuel accessorized with a red Los Angeles Dodgers hat, including an embroidering of the name "Lil Tiny," a fitting tribute to Lister who grew up in Compton, California.

Samuel's father, Galen, gave him the nickname "Deebo" after the notorious bully because he always took things away from people as a toddler. But that's not his only nickname – In high school, his stepmother, Precious Martin, also named Samuel "Sweet Feet" due to his speed.

Sweet Feet Samuel enters Week 4 ranked second in the NFL in receiving yards, recording 334 receiving yards on 20 receptions through three weeks of the season. He aims for his third game in a row against Seattle with five-plus catches and 100-plus receiving yards.