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Deebo Samuel is Becoming a Leader of the 49ers, Doing it His Own Way

With the 2023 NFL Draft just around the corner, the San Francisco 49ers locker room is getting younger and it'll be time for experienced players to grow into the role of a league veteran.

One player who has taken on a leadership role over his time with the 49ers is Deebo Samuel Sr.. As the most experienced wide receiver with San Francisco, Samuel has led by example through his work ethic and play on the field as well as being an encouraging teammate.

"There's a learning curve with everything and your mind is kind of everywhere, I've been there as a rookie," Samuel said. "As you grow in this offense, you get better and better, you get confidence."

Every teammate who can help grow the confidence of younger players joining the team is key heading into training camp and getting ready for the 2023 season. The relationships that are made between teammates spills into every aspect of the game, and the chemistry becomes clearer to see throughout the season.

Samuel has carved a path of leadership on the team since 2019, when the 49ers started entering games with a giant boombox and a hype level at 100.

"When we played the New Orleans Saints, Roddy Rich had dropped 'The Box' and we were vibing with that song that year."

The wide receiver is one of the minds behind the 49ers iconic boombox entrance. With left tackle Trent Williams, the duo started the tradition that's quickly become an integral part of the team's gameday routine.

"We start the season off with a song, and if we lose we change the song. If we're winning, the song will stay the same… Last season our song was 'Won't Step On Me' by NBA YoungBoy."

All in all, Samuel's main goal in his work on the field and in the locker room is to make a lasting impact and be a positive contributor to his team.

"I want to leave a legacy on the field as a guy that worked hard, just put his body on the line week in and week out for his team and was a great teammate."

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