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Countdown to 49ers Opening Day by the Numbers

To countdown the last 100 days until San Francisco's first regular season game, we're enlisting the help of the almost-finished 49ers Museum presented by SONY.

The Museum's By the Numbers Gallery will supply our historic numbers – and the stories behind them – as we get ready for the 49ers-Dallas Cowboys opener on Sept. 7.

After all, football is a game of statistics, but they're only meaningful in context. The Museum, built with education, innovation and heritage in mind, is aiming for an engaging and relevant experience in all facets of a guest's visit.

Visitors will find this to be the case in any one of 11 unique exhibits across 20,000 square feet celebrating past and present. On their way to the Museum's upper-level Super Bowls Gallery, the numerals in By the Numbers will start popping out along a wall, with the stories – and imagery – appearing behind them. The objective is to create a visually appealing repository of content that adds to what guests have already learned in their time exploring the space.

An example of a stat that won't make our countdown for obvious reasons: 149. This represents the franchise's career high for punt returns, but it belongs to a wide receiver known more for his pass-catching: John Taylor.

"We researched and wrote stories around numbers that are not obvious but instead add an element of intrigue," Jesse Lovejoy, the museum's director, said. "We also executed the gallery in a way that we think will also be visually appealing and complex."

We'll highlight some key stats over the three months ahead, and they will tell the tales that aren't often highlighted. This is the case at 97 and 100, where we commenced our countdown.

Learn more about the museum's offerings and accessibility at ****.

Just 55 more days until the #49ers begin the 2014 season.

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@jstaley74 days until our regular season begins.

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