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Colin Kaepernick: Chemistry Is Improving with 49ers Playmakers

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback threw for 262 yards and two touchdowns in Week 5 against the New York Giants, including completions of 37, 30, 26, 25, 19 and 17 yards.

The team converted on 8-of-14 third-down attempts and turned 3-of-4 red-zone trips into touchdowns.

Colin Kaepernick pointed to one reason in particular that led to the offense's most complete game of the season.

"I think there's more chemistry between us now," Kaepernick said. "We saw some things that we can build off of and use moving forward … being able to let balls go and trust our receivers. Our receivers made big plays."

That chemistry stemmed from extra offensive meetings during the team's week of preparation. Kaepernick said that everyone in the room was meticulous in their work to get ready for the Giants.

"We went in detail over things to make sure everyone was on the same page with what we were looking to get out of each play and what we were trying to take advantage of," he said.

Although the team scored a season-high 27 points and didn't turn the ball over for the first time, Kaepernick said there were still plays to be made on the field. Those missed opportunities are what the 49ers will focus on this week now that the losing streak has reached four games.

"(The game) ended in a loss for us," Kaepernick said. "That's the bottom line. We play to win. Moving forward, we have to do more on offense to score more points to make sure we finish those games with wins."

With his team's sights set on the Baltimore Ravens and returning home to Levi's® Stadium in Week 6, Kaepernick was asked if the team studies the Super Bowl film from 2013.

Baltimore's drastic overhaul in defensive personnel makes it difficult to glean anything from that game tape.

"That's not something we really look at, other than the scheme is similar," Kaepernick said. "They do a lot of different things to try and put their players in advantageous situations. That's something we have to be aware of."

There are, however, more parallels to be drawn from the joint practices between the two clubs during last year's training camp. Kaepernick said the Ravens still have "the same foundation of the defense" that they did last August.

The quarterback was also asked if his performance on "Sunday Night Football" helped with his confidence. Kaepernick dismissed that his confidence had ever waivered.

"I'm not going to lack in confidence," Kaepernick said. "I have confidence in what I'm able to do on this field and what I'm able to do to help this team win. For me, it was an opportunity to show leadership and make sure everyone has the right mindset."

Finally, Kaepernick addressed the position battle at right guard between Jordan Devey and Andrew Tiller. The pair of offensive linemen each played 34 snaps against the Giants, and the timeshare at right guard will be one to watch in Week 6.

"We have confidence in all of our linemen and they're ability to play," Kaepernick said. "(Tiller) came in and played great."

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