What They Said: Coaches and Players Recap #AZvsSF

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on the Team's Week 1 Loss

"It's just a reminder that we're back at football. I mean, that's how football goes. We had a number of chances to win that game. I thought we started out very well. Thought we had a chance to run away with it a little bit in the first half. Anytime you average eight yards a play and you're holding them pretty good on the other side of the ball, I thought we'd have more points to show for it than what we did. I know why we didn't. We didn't convert one third down in the first half. We didn't convert one fourth down and we didn't convert in the red zone. So, no matter how well you do on first and second down, you're not going to get many points when you are 0-for in all the other situational areas. Then we had a couple opportunities on defense and you just miss a couple plays when they're there and that's what happens. Last time we played these guys, it came down to the wire, just like this one did. We had a chance there to win it at the end. They made a good play there in the end zone on Kendrick Bourne on the double move he ran and then on the fourth down, they made a good play stopping Trent Taylor on the out route. We just came up a little bit short. The last two times we played them, it was very similar, but we came up on top on those two."

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on How the Offense Can Improve

"I think personally just the consistency, making every drive as perfect as we possibly can. You just want to eliminate errors, really, is what it comes down to. Just everyone being on the same page, seeing the same picture and I think we'll be good from there. But I think it's just when it comes to third down, red zone, things like that, we just have to execute at the end of the day."

49ers Cornerback Richard Sherman on What the Team Can Take Away from the Week 1 Loss

"It comes down to executing down the stretch. We've got to knock the rust off some things. Some communication things we have to do better. But overall, I think we feel good about where we are... It was a great learning experience for everybody and it will help us in the future."

49ers Tight End George Kittle on What the 49ers Could Have Done Better vs. Arizona

"We had a lot of guys make plays today, we just had a lot of mistakes. That was our biggest issue. We couldn't get drives going, we couldn't finish drives because of our 3rd down percentage. We've just got to be better at that. We'll watch the film and come back better from it."

49ers Running Back Jerick McKinnon on His Return to the Field

"It was a blessing waking up this morning knowing that I was going to get to play in a game finally. A lot of emotions...It's great to be back out there with my team, playing with those guys and going to war with those guys. Because they've been right beside me these last few frustrating years."

Cardinals Head Coach Kliff Kingsburg on Week 1

"It's cliché coach talk, but it was just one of those games that you hate to see either team lose. I mean guys for a first game, pour their hearts out. Both teams battled and battled, and it came down right down to the end. Neither team was obviously in Week 1 game condition like you would be normally, I don't think, but, both fought their tails off. So I was just impressed by the effort on that field today."

Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray on the Addition of Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins

"I said it to friends, to family, coaches, he's just got that feel. He's obviously had a great career up until this point. He was great in college. He's always been great and there's a reason for that. He's got a knack for being open and even when he's not open, he can catch anything. For me personally, I still can't just drop back and try to force him to ball. Although sometimes there are those occasions, but he's going to add such a different dynamic to our team and our offense and I think you saw that today."

Cardinals Wide Receiver DeAndre Hopkins on His Confidence Heading into the Game

"Once the offense got going, I knew it would be hard to stop us. With a guy like Kyler Murray back there at quarterback, Kenyan Drake at running back, it's hard to stop this team once we get going...We saw some things on film that we could take advantage of."

Cardinals Safety Budda Baker on His Reaction to Winning at Levi's® Stadium

"It feels great. The 49ers are a great team in our division. We play them two times a year, so they are going to be back hungry when we play them again. Like I said, they're a great team."