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Clements Launches Community Initiative




Nate Clements announced on Thursday that he is launching a new community initiative, Go Pro®. The movement is dedicated to empowering young people everywhere to Go Pro® in life through education, exposure, and athletics. The Go Pro® program was developed to foster excitement among young people towards enhancing potential career options in their fields of passion – in sports and beyond.

"Every child has a dream to go pro when they're growing up," said the 49ers cornerback. "Whether it is an aspiration to move in the career path of their role model, or be like their favorite athlete, they all have dreams. My vision for Go Pro® is to help those youth achieve their goals by providing a solid foundation through education, exposure and athletics."

Go Pro® means to:

· G – Get the proper education for the job

· O – Open your own doors to success through hard work

· P– Prepare for the opportunity that will lead to success

· R – Remember to give back to help others achieve

· O– Own It! Be The Pro That You Are

Clements will officially launch Go Pro® on Tuesday, December 15 at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara, located at 2550 Cabrillo Avenue, Santa Clara, CA, 95051 from 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. He will be speaking to a class of 6th graders about what it means to Go Pro®. Prior to his visit, Clements asked the 6th graders to write a paragraph about what they want to Go Pro® in and how they are going to achieve it. On Tuesday, Clements will spend time listening to the students essays in addition to speaking to the youth about the mission of Go Pro®.

As the program evolves, Clements will provide youth with a Go Pro® Playbook, which will be a personal planning guide toward reaching their goals. It will provide an academic checklist, daily physical exercises to stay fit as well as a resource guide to community and corporate partners to them gain exposure to local and national opportunities such as scholarships, service, internships and mentors. Clements will enlist the support of Go Pro® coaches and advisors within the cities where he will launch Go Pro®, as resources for the students. Through partnership with these individuals and institutions, he will help children begin to strive toward excellence and provide an infrastructure to help them achieve greatness.

The goal of Go Pro® is to peak the curiosity and the commitment of the next generation of all-pro youth leaders through the foundation of education. Go Pro® is based on an "I Can Do Anything" mentality, developed at an early age, to inspire the future generation of PRO®-fessional leaders.

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