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Clements' Coverage: Rams



In his latest Clements' Coverage, cornerback Nate Clements scouts this weekend's opponent, the St. Louis Rams.**

It's been a long season and Marc Bulger has had a few injuries, but he's been able to come back from the ribs and I think a knee and thumb and play well. We know what type of quarterback he is so we've got to be prepared and play these guys tough and challenge these receivers so that we can make it tough on him to get those throws completed.

It's very important that we get some pressure on Bulger. I think it's crucial, imperative really every week. A quarterback of his caliber, we can't just let him sit back there and have time because if you allow that to happen, he'll pick you apart. It's very crucial that we get pressure on the front and do our job on the back end.

We did get to him six times in the first game, and that's something that helped us be more effective against them, and something we'll need to do again.

As for their receivers, Isaac Bruce is a vet at this game. He knows all of the ins and outs and he knows how to get open and create space for himself. Torry Holt is their best receiver and one of the best receivers in this league. All around he has the speed, he's got the hands, he's a competitive receiver and he knows what to do with the ball after he catches it. I definitely have to challenge him, make him compete, and make it tough on him.

Randy McMichael is definitely coming on strong. He's a good tight end. He was kind of new to the organization when we first played them and now he's had a chance to settle in and gel with the team. Every time they give him the rock, he takes advantage of it. I played against him when I was in Buffalo and he was in Miami and he can run. He has good size and he's got good hands and it's crucial that we eliminate him from the game as well.

We have to keep attacking the run especially with a guy like Steven Jackson. We can't let him get going, and we can't let him get down field. He's a very big guy and it's hard to stop him once he gets that momentum going. We just have to attack him first.

Their offensive line has taken some major hits, but that's part of the game and it happens. The next guy has to step up and fill in and that's what we expect from them. So, we are not approaching it that these are a bunch of slaps or second string guys. I'm pretty sure St. Louis has the confidence that those guys can get the job done so we've got to get out there and take care of business and be aggressive.

We need to start fast and finish strong. We need to get some three and outs, and turnovers. We can't fight two battles like we have been where we are fighting an opponent and then also fighting ourselves. We can't cause senseless penalties because that is just a fight against ourselves. We've got to play smart, play aggressive and play fast.

For myself personally I've just got to keep making plays, running to the ball, getting picks, covering guys, doing whatever I can to help get our offense in better position. We also need to score on defense as well.

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