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Clements' Coverage, Cincy


In his latest Clements' Coverage, cornerback Nate Clements scouts this weekend's opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals.

Cincinnati is an explosive offense, they are very good at the skill positions, and they are a solid offense.

Carson Palmer distributes the ball to all the receivers. There is no one particular guy. He's got multiple weapons and he utilizes them to the best of his ability.

Chad Johnson is a dynamic receiver. He's quick, he can run, he's very athletic and he'll go get the ball. He's their playmaker.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh is another very solid receiver. He'll run after the catch. He knows where to find the holes in the defense to get open. He's a very crisp route runner and he's becoming a complete receiver.

It's our job to disrupt the timing. If you allow a guy like Palmer to sit back and throw on time, it's going to be a long day. It's our job as a defense and a secondary to disrupt the timing of the routes, and to make sure their receivers have a hard time getting off the line and into their routes, so that they can't be as effective.

Rudi Johnson is definitely a tough running back. He's what you want in a back. He prefers to run it up between the tackles and you don't find too many backs like that. Kenny Watson is an all-around back, he can go in between the tackles and take it outside. Dede Dorsey has been playing more the last few weeks and so they've got three running backs you've got to be aware of on Saturday.

Our goals start up front with stopping the run. We were able to do that last week for the most part and that helps you to get them into long third down situations. Then when we do get them into those passing situations, we need to shut them down. We really need to play physical and be able to dictate to them instead of the other way around.

We've got to get off the field on third downs. If you let a team like that get positive yards on first and second downs and short third downs, it gives them more of a variety of plays they can run out of their playbook. But there's not too many plays you can pick to get you a third and ten plus, so we want to keep them in those type of situations.

Prior to the Vikings game, I was able to get my hands on two punts before having a shot at the majority of punts last week. It's definitely fun to return punts. I work on that at practice so when coach calls my number in a game, I go out there with confidence and take advantage of the opportunity. I feel I'm capable of making a big play and to get the ball in my hands in a game on a few occasions helps you to get into more of a rhythm back there.

Our game is on Saturday and we'll be on the NFL Network. It's definitely good to know we're going be nationally televised but you've got to be prepared, confident, ready to play and ready to go out there and make plays week in and week out, and that's my plan for this week.

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