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Clements' Coverage: Buffalo


*Get Nate Clements' take this week on Sunday's opponent, which just happens to be the team that drafted him. *

I knew we were going to be playing my old team this year, so I'm very anxious to get back to my old stomping ground. I keep in touch with a few of the guys, from when I was there, especially the db's. I even call the trainers there once in awhile and see how they're doing.

The foundation of my professional career started in Buffalo, and it was an excellent opportunity for me. It might have been one of the best things that happened to me in my career, in terms of starting off with a great organization with a lot of tradition. The fans there were very supportive and the atmosphere is like a collegiate atmosphere. They're die-hard fans when it comes to football.

So, like I said, I'm looking forward to going back and playing them.

Trent Edwards has a lot of intangibles that you want in a quarterback. In my opinion, he's very athletic, and has a strong arm. For the first five or six games, they were on a nice run and his confidence was on a high and he was playing like that. Then he struggled a bit, but had a great game last week. I think he's one of those guys, if he gains a lot of confidence, he can make a lot of throws.

Most of his throws go to Lee Evans. He's definitely a deep threat, can run, able to stretch defenses. He's one of those guys who has to be accounted for. He has good hands and can run good routes. I think he's more experienced now and really knows how to get open, and knows how to read defenses on the run. As far as production, he makes plays, big plays at that.

Roscoe Parrish in my opinion, he's the quickest receiver in the NFL. He's explosive as well and is a game-breaker. I think anytime he gets the ball in his hands, you have to tackle him. If not, he can definitely make moves and has the speed to take it the distance.

Josh Reed is a tough receiver. He's not afraid to go across the middle, knowing that he might take a lick. I think he has very good hands. He might not have the speed of Evans or Parish, but I think he's their possession-type guy, who is a go-to guy. I think he's sure-handed.

Steve Johnson is the rookie from Kentucky I believe. From what I've seen and heard, he has real good hands. I think they utilize him in the slot as well. I think he's one of those young receivers who has been productive when he's in there. That's the reason why he's getting more time.

James Hardy is a big receiver who can really use his height and is vertical to go up and get a jump ball. He's a former basketball player, so I think he's one of those guys, who knows how to go get the ball.

At tight end, I think Trent has a lot of confidence and has a good on-field relationship with Robert Royal. He's a bit banged up right now, so I don't know if he'll play but I think he's a good all-around tight end and probably their best tight end in the passing attack. He blocks well in the run game and although he doesn't have the speed of a Vernon Davis to pose a threat vertically, Trent is confident in him and will look for him, and he's shown he has good hands.

Marshawn Lynch likes to call himself the beast, because he is. From looking at film, he's definitely a special player. He's the engine that makes them go. I think their offense is set up through him, as far as their run game, which sets up the play-action. We know he's their workhorse and when he gets the ball, he doesn't go down with one tackle, so we have to gang tackle him.

Fred Jackson is a very good number two back. In some cases he might even be a starter. I don't think he's a slouch. He's shown when he comes in for Marshawn, that he's able to make plays and be productive. In the run game, he can run in between the tackles and they'll also use him in the passing game on check downs. He has very good hands and he can make plays for them.

They've got some big guys on their offensive line. I think Jason Peters is one of the best left tackles in the league. I was there when he was drafted as a tight end, and he's made a smooth transition to tackle. He already had good feet when he played tight end and he could run, and I think that helped him make the switch. I think he's athletic, strong and I think he's the best tackle in the league.

With Allen Rossum out for this game, I'll be sure to be prepared to return punts. Like I said before, I believe I can make plays when the ball is in my hands, so I look forward to more opportunities this Sunday. The weather is probably going to be bad, but I'm used to that. I played in that growing up and for most of my career, and when it got colder and snow started to come, it was actually fun to me. You do have to concentrate and really focus on catching the ball in inclement weather, but like I said, I've done it before so I'm confident.

And most of all, I'm excited for the opportunity to get back on the field and help this team get a W.

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