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Charvarius Ward's Heartwarming Tradition of Giving Back

As Thanksgiving approached this year, cornerback Charvarius Ward continued his heartwarming tradition of giving back to his hometown of McComb, Mississippi. For the third-consecutive year, the cornerback organized the Charvarius Ward Turkey Giveaway, a community-driven event that has become a staple in the region.

In collaboration with the Mississippi Food Network and the Boys and Girls Club of McComb, Ward's "Change with Charvarius Foundation" has made a significant impact on the lives of local families. Over the past three years, Ward's foundation has donated $31,000, reflecting his commitment to making a positive difference in the community that shaped him.

"It's near and dear to my heart," Ward said. "I'm probably one of the few people to make it big out of the city, so I always try to go back home and support the community. It just feels good to be able to do it. Everybody back home, they look up to me... The kids love me, the adults that helped raise me love me, so it's a good feeling to be able to do that every year."

This year, Ward contributed $11,000 to cover the costs of 350 turkeys and 350 fresh produce boxes. His contribution ensured that more than 400 families would be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal.

Despite not being physically present due to the team's preparation for their Thanksgiving contest against the Seattle Seahawks, Ward remained involved in the event's coordination. His mother, grandmother, siblings, the Boys and Girls Club of McComb, surrounding high school football players and the Mississippi Food Network executed the Turkey drive, and his foundation shared that he checked in regularly.

"A lot of people make it big and forget where they come from," Ward said. "I'll never forget where I came from. I've got it tattooed on my chest. I just love my home, love my community and I want to inspire the younger generation."

49ers players served Thanksgiving dinner and distributed groceries to over 100 individuals at a local homeless shelter.

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