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Camp Spotlight: RB Foster



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Training Camp Tidbits

Camp Must Have: Television

Strangest thing you've seen someone bring to camp: Kris Jenkins brought a kitten to camp. It did not go over well. I guess he had just gotten it and didn't want to leave it at home. I think it lasted about a day before they made him send it back home.

Person you most hang with during camp: Jerard Rabb, one of Orange County's finest.

Camp Paranoia: Getting cut I guess.

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What you miss most about home when you are in camp: Being able to sleep in my own bed

Best Singer: Tight end J.J. Finley singing Usher. He stopped at one point and I thought he didn't know any more of the words, but he kept going. He surprised me.

Worst Singer: Chilo Rachal. He tried to be funny with the Baby Back ribs commercial, but he just didn't pull it off.

Best Camp Moment: John Fox once broke camp a day early. I think he planned it all along but it was great.

Worst Camp Memory: Staying in the dorms. They were terrible dorms. You had to use a communal bathroom all the way down the hall. There were spiders everywhere. It was just bad.

Best Camp Brawl: It was a pretty good one with Moran Norris up in Napa against the Raiders. But, Ken Lucas and Steve Smith. Even though I wasn't there, I heard enough about it from my old teammates.  

Hardest Camp Drill: Ropes, because they are high and you are already tired enough during camp.
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"It's just a necessary evil. It's something you've got to do, but this camp really has been a lot better for me than in past years. Staying at a hotel is better, the weather out here is great. The hotel is just a few minutes away so I get some ice on my knees and then get some rest. I've  also really been able to get a lot of good work done in this offense, and learning it inside out."
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"He's been outstanding. He's realized what we're asking of him and he's working very hard. He came in for camp with a list of questions written down for me so I know he definitely prepared during his time off. He just needs to continue to progress the way he has and he should have a very promising year." - Running backs coach Tony Nathan
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