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Camp Spotlight: Manny Lawson



Linebacker Manny Lawson is a first-round draft choice of the 49ers in the 2006 NFL Draft.  As he enters his fourth year, the talented linebacker will play a pivotal role on this year's defense. recently caught up with Lawson for a camp spotlight Q&A session.    **

What's the one thing you have to bring to camp with you every year?

Underwear.  That's probably the only thing you can't really recycle.  You can recycle shorts and t-shirts and sweatpants and socks.  But underwear, you can't recycle underwear.  

What is the strangest thing you have seen someone else bring to camp?

It wasn't somebody else, it was actually something I brought to camp. One year I brought a dumbbell to work out in the room.  It was a 40-pound dumbbell and I only one.  That's strange now that I think about it.

Who is the crankiest person during camp?

Michael Lewis.  

What is the worst thing about camp?

Just how your body feels.  All the bumps and bruises, scratches and scrapes.  

What's the best thing about camp?

When it's over.  

What do you do to celebrate when it's over?


Relax and sleep all day.  

Who would be the worst person to room with at camp?

It would be somebody who has bad feet and their feet smell all of the time and their shoes smell.  I would say rooming with someone with smelly feet would be the worst, because it's in the room and you can't really get that out.  

What's the funniest camp moment?

I want to say the funniest moment is the rookie show, when all the new guys have to perform something in front of the team.

What's your favorite thing to autograph?

Footballs, because they're easy to sign.  

Which player is the most upbeat during camp?

All of the guys who know that know they have the second practice off.  

What's the best camp prank you have seen?

"Ice" [Isaac Sopoaga] taking our defensive coordinator Greg Manusky's glasses.  Having coach look around for his sunglasses and having everyone else look around for him was the funniest thing I've seen in awhile.  

What's the hardest drill at camp?

I have to say it's bag-overs.  

Who is most likely to fall asleep during a meeting?

I'm going to say P-town [Parys Haralson], just because I feel like hating on him.

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