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Camp Spotlight: LB Takeo Spikes




Training Camp Tidbits

Places you've been to for Camp: Georgetown, KY, Bethlehem, PA, and Rochester, NY.
Best Camp: It all depends on if you want to talk about the practices, the accommodations, or the food..? But overall, I'd probably say Rochester when I was with the Bills. It was a vet friendly camp under Greg Williams.
Worst Camp: Probably when I was in Georgetown when I was with the Bengals. It was hot, and they didn't throw any bones. Whatever was on the schedule, that's what you did.
Camp Must Have: Quality bedspread. Your mattress must be good, and then you've got to get nice sheets. That's a must. I bring my own. 
Camp Fear: Just getting hurt in camp. You never want to get hurt, but getting hurt in camp is the worst.
Night off routine: Rest, and get in the playbook.
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Worst singer you've ever heard in Camp: Probably Adrian Ross when I was in Cincinnati. It was some love song, I think it was Can you Stand the Rain by New Edition.
Best singer: That has yet to be heard.
Best Camp Prank: One of the ones I pulled one time. This guy always wore his jock strap every day so we put Tiger Balm in it. It's like hot stuff. He was hot, literally.
Best Camp Brawl: Cincinnati this one time. Nobody wanted to be out there, it was about 98 degrees and it was just a team fight with pretty much everyone. I stayed on the outside though. That's not my style.
Best all-time Camp Memory: When we were scheduled to break camp on a Friday, and we broke it on a Thursday.
Favorite Camp Snack: Little Debbie Oatmeal pies
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"In general, camp is tedious, and some of the stuff is irrelevant at times. It's just a long, overdrawn out process. I personally think that you can still get the same work without doing as much banging. But since I got here late for this camp, I can't really judge how they do it here. Since coming in, it's been a matter of me learning the playbook and the nuances of the defense. I came here raw so I'm playing catch up."
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"He's a knowledgeable guy who has played a lot of years in the NFL. He's quite bright in picking up the defense that we have, and he still has his speed and quickness. He's got great leadership abilities, and he's always talking and communicating with the other guys. He's been doing a great job. I meet with him at night, in the meetings, and out at practice just so he gets some more tutelage. It's a little extra credit as we bring him along." - Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky
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