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Camp Spotlight: LB Banta-Cain



Training Camp Tidbits First thing you packed for camp: It was probably my laptop

Most important thing you packed for camp: tooth brush

Guy who changes clothes the least during camp: Probably me. Sad, but true. I have two shirts that I'm going to wear every other day, and two pairs of shorts. I'll wear fresh drawers every day and that's all that matters.

Best competition this camp: I think it's pretty competitive this year at the outside linebacker spot. 



Best camp brawl: Vernon and Parys! But also in New England once, it wasn't quite a brawl but it was close. Junior Seau and Coach Pepper Johnson got into some words and they started heading towards the parking lot, basically to throw down. It got broken up, but it was entertaining for a minute.

Best camp prank: In New England, Matt Cassel filled Tom Brady's entire car with those styrofoam peanuts - to the brim. To get him back, Tom took all of Matt's practice attire and put each piece in a different toilet. His helmet was in one toilet, his shirt in the next stall, and so on.


Player most often getting hollered at during camp: I think George Warhop has put in a lot of time with Damane Duckett in trying to get him moved over to the offensive line. So you hear "Duck" a lot, but outside of that, I'd say it's usually the rookies.

Worst Singer: Joe Staley sung at the talent show last year. He was awful, but the really bad part about it was that he was really feeling himself. He was jamming and really thought he was good. Camp re-energizer: cold tub and massages

WHAT HE SAID "I expect a high level of play from myself, higher than last year. I was expected to be a big playmaker last year, but I had an injury that I played on, and I think it hindered my ability to make plays. I definitely want to show that I was the right choice for the 49ers and have one of the biggest years of my career. I'm in the greatest shape this time of year that I've been in a long time. It's a brand new year for me and I'm taking it one day at a time."

WHAT OTHERS SAID "Tully has worked on his body this off-season, and he's at a very good playing weight. Because of that, he's a little more explosive off the ball. He's really working on being explosive as he rolls out of his stance, and being violent with his hands. We're also working on his angles with him. When your angles are right, you can be violent at the right point and time and get the contact on our terms, not on the offense's. It's still early in camp, but he's working hard and concentrating on these areas." OLB Coach Jason Tarver   


< Rough Rider - Tully has a love affair with classic cars, dating back to his days growing up in Mountain View, CA. When he was signed by the 49ers in the 2006 off-season, Tully was eager to bring his car collection back to the Bay Area and immediately entered four of them into a car show in Milpitas, CA. His latest purchase, a 1964 Deuce and Quarter (Buick Electra 225), is his prized possession. Nicknamed "Shrek", Banta-Cain has reapulstered the green machine's interior and added a state-of-the-art sound system.  More on TBC!

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