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Camp Spotlight: Joe Nedney



Kicker Joe Nedney enters his 14th year in the NFL and his fifth with the 49ers.  The San Jose native has endured many training camps with multiple NFL clubs. recently caught up with Nedney for a camp spotlight Q&A session to hear some of his best camp stories. **

What is the strangest thing you've seen brought to training camp?

I've seen people bring their own mattress.  I've seen people bring area fans.  I've seen people bring a wall air conditioner unit, a portable air conditioner unit. When I was in camp with Arizona, the mattresses in the dorms were terrible.  As you're driving from Phoenix up to Flagstaff, you're watching truck after truck go up with a queen size mattress in the back just for training camp.  I always found that kind of amusing.  That was almost team wide back then.  

Which teammates do you hang out the most with?

It's just through association.  Andy [Lee] and Brian [Jennings], we spend the most time together on and off the field because everybody else is in their respective meetings.  

Which rookie has the best singing voice?

They've all been terrible.  They've all been absolutely horrible.  There was a rendition of "Ice, Ice Baby," that got some people going by Kyle Howard.  He's the champ so far.

What is the worst thing about training camp?

Not seeing my family.  Being a half hour away from my family for a month and still


not being able to see them a lot.

What is the best thing about training camp?

I think it's the anticipation of starting the season.  It's that whole concept of getting the season started.  We've had months and months of anticipation and now we're in camp and you want the games to start.  The best part of it is preparing for the season to start.  

Who provide the most laughs at camp?

Our defensive coordinator Greg Manusky.  

Who would be the worst teammate to room with?

Any offensive lineman because they all smell.  

What is the funniest camp moment you have experienced?

I got this powder from the law enforcement community when I was in Arizona.  It's supposed to go on bills. Banks use it to mark money.  It's a greenish, very fine powder that they put on money.  When any kind of moisture touches it, the powder turns into indelible blue.  It leaves fingerprints and footprints.  So, what we did in training camp one year is we decided to sprinkle a little bit of this in the cleats and the gloves of the rookies, so when they took their gloves off their hands and feet were blue.  It's like covering your foot with a sharpie.  It's going to be a few days before it rubs off.  Well, in between practices, mind you it's a very fine powder… we're dropping bits of this in the shoes, a lot of its getting airborne.  They're fans in the locker room moving it around.  These particles are getting everywhere.  Not only did the rookies get it in their gloves and their hands but, all of a sudden these blue spots started to show up on people's jerseys, their arms and their helmets.  Stuff like that.  And at the end of practice, when everybody took off their cleats, they had to walk to the showers.  So it was a locker room carpet full of blue footprints all over the place.  We didn't really take that into consideration very well.  The Arizona Cardinals ended up having to replace the carpeting.  It was an absolute debacle.  It was supposed to be a practical joke and ended up being a complete and utter mess.  Half the team wanted to beat me up because they thought that I was playing a joke on them.  I had to explain that it was an accident.  It's funny now.  Not so much at the time.

What is your night off routine?

My night off routine would be to go home and tuck my kids in.  Hang out with my wife, and then get back here.

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