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Camp Spotlight: FB Norris



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Training Camp Tidbits

Person who you most hang with during Camp: Frank Gore on the regular, but I also enjoy hanging out with little Dashon Goldson.  
Player who is most upbeat during Camp: Man, that's hard because everybody is moody during camp. Ask me that at the end of camp, and I'll try to find somebody. I'm usually pretty good, but I have my bad days too.
Grumpiest player during Camp: Frank Gore probably. He can be grumpy at times, although that's really about everyone.

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Best Worst Singer: Thomas Clayton was the worst last year.
Coach's Pet: I think at every position there's probably a different guy. Our coach is new so I haven't seen him pick a go-to-guy. An easy one at a different position is Joe Staley. I think he's a coach's pet just because he performs on the field.
Best Camp Brawl: We have a dude on our team named Parys – P-Town. He always fights. Keep the camera on him and you'll see a good fight. You'll probably see one today. 
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Strangest thing you've seen someone bring to Camp: Full-sized refrigerator. I don't quite understand that, but it was a lineman. I guess he felt like he needed a bunch of stuff, but I thought it was kind of strange. I could see bringing a small one, especially if you were in a dorm, but at a hotel? A full-sized fridge?
Camp Must Have: Pickles. Pickles prevent dehydration. It's an old remedy and it works for me. I also have to have my snacks. I am not a huge junk food eater but I do like my snacks.
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"Camp is long," said Norris. "You are out there for so long and doing the same stuff every day. It's more of a mind thing more than anything, and being mentally strong because it's 25 days or so, and the same thing every day. For me, it always gets better once the preseason games come along and break up the repetitiveness.  This camp I'm trying to show that I'm versatile and that I can do it at all as a fullback." 
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"Like every player out here, you come to camp to improve. In this offense at fullback, you are going to do a little bit of everything and so he'll get opportunities this camp to really show what he can do as a runner, a blocker and in the passing game. Moran is doing well on the mental part of the game and knowing the offense. I'm working some on his technique when he's blocking. I'm trying to get him into some good habits so that he's out there striking out at people." -RB Coach Tony Nathan   
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Going the Extra Mile - In 2005, Moran established his own community-based program, the Moran Norris Foundation, seeking to help Houston-area students become champions in Athletics, Character and Education. Here in the Bay Area, Moran also "adopted" a group of students in the Brother2Brother - Sister2Sister Mentoring Program in San Francisco as part of his Foundation's initiatives. Norris hosts the youngsters at 49ers games, provides them with financial support and teaches them the importance of life skills, education, goal setting, hard work and good character. Click here for Norris' bio!
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