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Camp Spotlight: Damon Huard



Veteran quarterback Damon Huard joined the 49ers this offseason to add an experienced signal caller to the team. Entering his 13th year in the NFL, Huard has plenty of unique training camp tales. recently caught up with Huard for a camp spotlight Q&A session.**

What's the strangest thing you've seen someone else bring to training camp?

Bring?  What do you mean bring?  All you need to bring are shorts and t-shirts!

What's the worst thing about training camp?

The worst thing is when it gets to about day six or seven, when you've just been around everybody all day, every day.  You just get sick of looking at each other and being around each other.  

Which player provides the most laughs at camp?

Probably Jeff Ulbrich.


What are some good rookie initiation stories?

I've seen guys taped up to the goal post.  That's rough.  You obviously have to get up and sing your college's fight song in front of the team.  But, we haven't done any of that stuff here, we need to start that.

Best training camp brawl?

It was when I was with the Kansas City Chiefs and we scrimmaged the Minnesota Vikings  in August of '04.  Shaun Hill was there, he caused all of the trouble... just kidding. It was actually started by Brock Lesnar, the mixed martial arts fighter! He hyperextended my elbow and when he wasn't supposed to hit the other team's quarterback. Next thing I knew, both  teams break out into a big fight.  We had to actually cancel practice.  I think the next day, we left early. After that we didn't scrimmage anymore – '04 was just crazy.  You talk about brawls…  It was a melee!

Where are the places you've been for training camp and which one is the best spot?

I've been to Bryant University in Rhode Island.  I've been to the Miami Dolphins facility in Davie, Florida, in Miami.  When I was in Kansas City, we went to River Falls, Wisconsin.  It was a little college town.  I spent five years up there, so five months of my life was spent in this little college town.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed the bike rides through campus to practice.  In River Falls they have a place called Steve's Pizza. It's very memorable.  Over there are just the nicest people you ever want to meet, so I'd say that was the best place I've had camp.

What's your night off routine?

My night off routine is find my family, if I'm anywhere near them.

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