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Camp Spotlight: CB Reggie Smith





Training Camp Tidbits

Camp roommate: Lewis Baker
What's the most annoying thing he does? Whine. He's injured so he's got an excuse, but I just always look at him without much sympathy.
Most annoying thing he says you do: He says I snore.
Funniest Camp Moment: Chilo Rachal singing before one of the lectures we had. He sang that Baby Back Ribs song, like the Chili's commercial. It was pretty funny.
Best Camp Singer: J.J. Finley
Camp must have: a soft bed
First thing you packed for camp: Shorts
Vet you've learned the Most from this Camp: Walt Harris
Coach's pet: That would be Walt too.
Worst thing you've had to do: I've only had to buy candy, that's it. It hasn't been bad. I got peanut M&M's, licorice, and sour patch kids for the DB room.
Favorite camp snack: Candy and sunflower seeds. You can't fall asleep in meetings and sunflower seeds keep you up.
Hardest part about Camp: Practices every day. I'm used to getting a day or two off, but we pretty much go every day with something.
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"Camp is a test of your endurance and your mind. You have to be able to endure all of the running and physical stuff, but also keep strong minded so that you keep going and every day learn what you need to instead of just checking out. You've got to keep pushing.  After the first ten days, it's been alright for me. I'm used to it and I know what I need to do now, so it's gotten a lot better." 
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"Camp is going well for Reggie. Obviously he's talented, but he has to work on his technique. With most young corners, the technique part is what they have to usually focus on when they come into the NFL. But, he done well so far. In the game the other night, he made some nice tackles, and nice plays on the ball. If he continues to work on technique and details he should have a nice year for us." - secondary coach Vance Joseph
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