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Off the Field: 49ers Family Ties at the NFL Combine 🏈

The newest chapter in the NFL has unfolded at the combine and the next generation of elite talent are showcasing their skills in front of the eyes of head coaches, general managers and scouting departments from across the league.

The sons of former San Francisco 49ers players are stepping into the NFL spotlight in hopes of making their own mark on the league. This year's draft features wide receiver Brenden Rice, son of Hall of Famer Jerry Rice, running back Frank Gore Jr., son of San Francisco legend Frank Gore and wide receiver Luke McCaffrey, son of Super Bowl champion Ed McCaffrey and Christian McCaffrey's brother.

Raised in the shadows of football greatness, these young athletes will look to carry out the legacies their fathers set before them as the countdown to the 2024 NFL Draft begins.

Brenden Rice

Table inside Article
Position College Height Weight 40-Yard Dash
WR USC 6’ 2’’ 208 lbs 4.5 seconds

When asked what sets him apart from his father, Rice replied, "Size and speed. We joke all the time that I'm bigger and faster than him."

On the sidelines of the combine's skills and drills, Jerry Rice joined the NFL Network crew to comment on his son's journey to the combine.

"I'm so proud," Rice said. "I think he worked really hard and he's looking forward to this opportunity. I'm just being a parent, I'm just here to support him. People say to me all the time, 'Don't be so critical,' but only if he should ask me for information is when I would pass that information on to him... It's going to be a great opportunity for him so I'm excited for him."

Frank Gore Jr.

Table inside Article
Position College Height Weight Bench Press
RB Southern Mississippi 5’ 8’’ 201 lbs 12 reps

At the combine podium, Gore Jr. shared the advice his father gave him heading into the days of workouts and meetings:

"Just be myself. I'm a likable person, so just to be myself, show them how smart I am and to be honest."

Luke McCaffrey

Table inside Article
Position College Height Weight 40-Yard Dash
WR Rice 6’ 2’’ 198 lbs 4.46 seconds

"It's shaped me in every possible way," McCaffrey said of growing up in a family of athletes. "I have a quote that I love, 'They are the biggest blessing I've ever had that I never earned,' because I didn't do anything to earn having those role models in my life. I was blessed with it.

"My heroes are my three brothers, my mom and my dad. To have these people and influences in your life, especially at an early age, as you grow up, it's been nothing but a blessing and it shaped me in so many different ways."

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