Antoine Bethea to Make Stylish 49ers Debut

Assuming he's cleared the final round of concussion protocol tests, new 49ers safety Antoine Bethea has lined up stylish cleats for his Week 1 debut against the Dallas Cowboys.

Bethea recently posted a photo of custom red and gold spray-painted Nike Huarache football cleats to his @abethea24 Instagram account.

"I must say thank you to my man @solebysir for getting me right for Week 1," Bethea wrote in the caption. "He'll have heat on my feet all year."

The shoe designer's portfolio includes custom designs for former Niners center Jonathan Goodwin and Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush among other NFL players.

We'll know more about Betha's Week 1 status when the first injury reports are released on Wednesday. For now, we know what cleats the new 49ers safety wil wear when he takes the field for the first time with the Niners. MORE #NINERS365 BLOGS:________

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