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In Week 7, the NFL will be celebrating National Tight Ends Day, a special occasion that started in The Bay back in 2018.

The NFL uses the annual holiday to highlight tight ends across the league. While "The People's Tight End" George Kittle appreciates the official designation from the league, he thinks tight ends are worth honoring year-round.

"In my opinion, every day is National Tight Ends Day," Kittle said.

Keep reading to learn more about San Francisco's tight ends:

Sentimental Ink

For Kittle, many of his personal interests are represented in his tattoos.

One of the tight end's most recent tattoos is a tiger comic book character named Hobbes designed on his hand. On his family's "Hidden Pearls" podcast, Kittle said he learned how to read from the Calvin and Hobbes section in the daily newspaper.

"I've read every Calvin and Hobbes book multiple times. I really like Hobbes because I feel like I'm Calvin. You can always create the world that you're living in, you've just got to use a little bit of imagination."

Another one of Kittle's tattoos is a sunflower on his arm. The tight end explained more about the meaning behind his sentimental ink on his podcast:

"My mom's favorite flower is a sunflower. She always has them and I really appreciate that, I love having my mom with me. The sunflower is actually a sunflower from my good friend Erik Magnuson, former offensive lineman for the 49ers, it's from his sunflower garden."

Adrenaline Junkie

Sixth-year tight end Ross Dwelley is from EL Dorado Hills, a town located in the greater Sacramento region of Northern California. His favorite activities as a kid were adventure sports.

"I grew up skiing and dirt bike riding, I really liked being in the mountains," Dwelley said. "I still love adventure sports like powder skiing."

In his younger years, Dwelley "definitely" considered himself an adrenaline junkie.

One of Seven

Charlie Woerner's favorite fun fact about himself is that he comes from a big family. The fourth-year tight end is one of seven siblings.

"I feel like everyone always goes 'big eyes' when I say I am one of seven kids," Woerner said. "We played a lot of sports in the house and we were all very competitive growing up. As we got older, it turned into being competitive in board games, but it's always competitive in some sort of way."

Chefing it Up

Joining the TE squad this year is rookie Brayden Willis. One of his favorite hobbies is cooking, second to eating his cooking.

"My most favorite hobby nowadays is eating, but I can cook a little," Willis said. "I like to make a surf and turf pasta. I cut up the steak and shrimp, then I take lasagna noodles and cut them into squares, make some sauce and it's really good.

"All the women in my family can cook so I learned by watching them."

Talented Tight Ends

San Francisco's trio of tight ends, Kittle, Dwelley and Warner, have recorded a combined 6,407 total yards on offense and scored a grand total of 40 touchdowns including playoffs.

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