5 Best 49ers 'Mic'd Up' Videos

*Niners Daily here, your weekday home for 49ers best-of lists, web roundups, social media happenings, throwback content and whatever else comes to our heads after that first cup of coffee. Today we look at the best "Mic'd Up" videos of all time. *

Before 49ers players arrive to their locker room on gameday, a member of 49ers Studios is there taping a small microphone to a pair of shoulder pads. The 'red dot,' as some players jokingly refer to it, gives fans unique access to listen in on players during games. After Antoine Bethea won the NFC Defensive Player of the Week while "Mic'd Up" against the Eagles on Sunday, the "What is the best mic'ing yet?" debate was sparked among our group here at headquarters.

Michael Blevins (@mikeblevins), the producer tasked with shooting and editing these all-access pieces on a weekly basis, broke down his top five list for us. 

5. Boone vs. St. Louis Rams - 2013, Week 4
"Alex Boone is one of the most intense guys on the team - through his words and his play. We had just lost two straight early in the season, and our last two matchups with the Rams resulted in a loss and tie. We had difficulty running the ball in those matchups, so his intensity was at an all-time high and it showed. This was also the first time fans got to see how tight him and tackle Anthony Davis really are."

4. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Dwight Hicks - 2014 Offseason

"We had the opportunity to mic up 49ers legends. For me, it was kind of surreal to do that. Even though it was a flag football game, it was incredible to hear Joe Montana's last drive at Candlestick."

3. Bowman vs. Seattle - 2013, Week 14 "The defense's vocal leader against the team's chief rival. It was a must win to have any hopes of getting back to the playoffs, so the regular season stage couldn't have been bigger. The great thing about listening to Bowman is that he banters a lot with opposing players during the game without being malicious. Through the jawing back and forth between Bowman and guys like Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, it was clear that the competitors shared a mutual respect for one another. He also had a huge game that started early with a Wilson sack and forced fumble."

2. Bethea vs. Philadelphia - 2014, Week 4

"Statistically the best game a player has had while wearing the wire for 49ers Studios. I have watched a lot of mic'ings from around the league and it could quite possibly be the best game any defensive player has had while mic'd up. The interception, forced fumble, goal-line stop and predicting an Eagles play-call - no one else on the team had picked up on that audible. Bethea figured it out and then called it out loud on the very next series."


1. Willis during 'The Pick at the 'Stick' - 2013, Week 16 

"We had legend Joe Staley wired for the final 49ers game at Candlestick Park. Prior to the game, Willis told NaVorro Bowman 'let's be legendary today.' After Bowman made one of the greatest plays in 49ers history and sent the team into the playoffs, Willis went to Bowman on the sidelines and said 'that's how you become legendary.'"

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