49ers Select LB Bowman


The 49ers traded their No. 79 overall pick to the San Diego Chargers for a third-round (No. 91 overall) and sixth-round pick (No. 173) in 2010, plus a fourth-round pick in 2011.

After the dust settled on the trade, the team selected Penn State linebacker Navorro Bowman with the 91st pick in the 2010 NFL Draft.

Here's Bowman's conference call with local media:

On if he had any inclination that he would be drafted by the 49ers:"No, not at all."

On if he had any interaction with the 49ers leading up to the draft:"No, really it was just the normal protocol with those guys calling around, making sure I was the right draft day number. Other than the interview at the combine, I didn't have any contact with them. It was a big surprise for me."

On being a linebacker drafted by Head Coach Mike Singletary:"I know that he's a coach that really instills dedication, hard work and discipline. I've come from high school all the way to college and now this point. I'm able to get coached that way and I'm glad to have a coach like that at this level. A lot goes on and you lose that type of coaching. I'm glad to have this type of opportunity to play for Coach Singletary."

On if he felt he had to convince teams at the combine that he was not a character risk:"I had to do what I had to do when it comes to the character issue. I know what type of a person I am. I've had so many teammates that love playing with me and love me being a part of their team. I'm glad that the 49ers see that I'm a good guy and I bring a positive attitude and a great athlete and linebacker to their program."

On if he was beginning to wonder if he would have to wait another day before being drafted:"Yes, I was getting worried. I had just walked out and got some air, came back and sat down. I looked up and my phone was ringing. I thank God and just wish that my father was here to see everything that happened to me now."



On where he thinks he'll be playing in a 3-4 defense:**"The normal 3-4 is with two defensive end type guys out there. I like to fly around and be in space. With that type of defense, I'll probably be in the middle somewhere flying around, making plays. Just running the same plays that I had at Penn State and even a little better."

On what he knows about linebacker Joe Staley:"I watch Patrick Willis a lot. He's a great player. I've been watching him the past few years. He's been excelling every single year. I'm glad to have him to learn from. Always having a guy to learn from and get underneath his wings. I'm just glad to have this opportunity. I've got open ears and open eyes. I'm just ready to go, ready to roll."

On who is there with him:"I have my family here. They've been with me throughout the whole day, even yesterday. We've all been sitting here waiting for my name to be called. I'm blessed and thankful that my name was even called, even as late as it was. I think of myself as a great athlete, but I'll take it."

On whether he interviewed with Head Coach Mike Singletary at the combine:"I did. I think he's an observing coach. When I walked into that room, I had to speak up and let them know the type of player that I was. He sat over there, real quiet, I guess to feel me out and saw what type of player and person I was off the field. I'm just glad that he's taking the chance and believing in me."

On whether Head Coach Mike Singletary asked him to speak up:"No, he didn't ask me to speak up. He was just over there basically paying attention to me from inside and just trying to see, really, what type of person I was."

On whether he knows any current 49ers:"Oh yes. I know a few 49ers. I've been working out with [RB] Frank Gore and [TE] Vernon Davis and those guys. We built up that relationship not knowing that we would have this opportunity to play on the same team. Those two are great guys, and I'm looking forward to playing for the 49ers."

On whether he knows RB Michael Robinson:"And Michael Robinson, also. I'm not working out with him, but me and Mike were teammates when he was doing his thing here at Penn State. I got to get to know him for a few semesters. I'm glad to have this opportunity."

On whether he's in South Florida right now:"No, I'm actually in Prince Georges County, Maryland. My hometown."

On whether he was in Florida to work out:"Yes sir."

On how he got hooked up with RB Frank Gore and TE Vernon Davis:"You know, I really didn't. We just basically go to the same guy who trains a lot of guys, who was Pete Bommarito and he does a great job. Those guys came to work every single day, and so did I. We just basically motivated each other and joked around a few times, just basically help each other train hard and get better."

On whether he weighs 240 right now:"Yes sir."

On whether that's his playing weight:"I'm going to play at whatever weight they want me to play at."

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