What the 49ers and Raiders Had to Say Following Preseason Matchup

49ers Head Coach Kyle Shanahan on His Goals for the 49ers Final Preseason Game

I just wanted them to get live action of it. And we've done it in practice a couple of times and this was the last time before we're going into the regular season. So, it's the last time you can have the opportunity to do it. So, I kind of wanted to do it this game.

Shanahan on How Jimmy Garoppolo and Trey Lance Performed vs. Raiders

I thought they did a good job. By no means was it perfect, but I thought just the function of it and going in and out and not knowing when it's going to be, it wasn't a planned rotation or anything. I was trying to make it situational. So, I was just doing it mainly off impulse and whenever the down and distance felt like what we wanted to call. So, those guys seemed like they handled it good. I'll meet with them tomorrow and watch all of it with them, which I'm looking forward to. But today I thought it was good.

Shanahan on Getting DL Javon Kinlaw Reps on Sunday

He's been in and out with some injuries throughout training camp and he had to play some. It's such a fine line because the last thing you want to do is get them hurt. But we also got to get him ready for the season and he has no problem going out there. We have to hold him back if anything. And I think he ended up getting between 20 and 25 (snaps), which was the goal going into it. I didn't plan on it lasting as long. Our defense played real well at the beginning of the game. There was a number of three and outs. I think they were on rep count like nine halfway through the second quarter. So, he got the plays, but he was out there a little bit longer than I thought, but at the same amount of plays I thought he would get.

49ers Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo on if He Felt Hesitation From the Raiders Defense

Yeah. You definitely feel it. I think even with me and Trey running on and off, the tempo was still pretty good. So there were a couple of times getting to the line where they're still making calls and things like that. And you can tell it's tough on them. So that's what we're trying to do.

Garoppolo on Getting Used to Rotating Quarterbacks

Honestly, I think coming into it, it was weird at first. Just having to process the whole thing. But after being on the field, it was fun. When we're clicking like that and the defense is scrambling like that, it makes it hard. We're trying to win games out there and so whatever it takes, we're going to do that.

49ers Quarterback Trey Lance on His Touchdown Run

It was another zone read. The end crashed, we brought [WR] Jalen Hurd in motion. So kind of probably one of the easiest rushing touchdowns I'll probably ever have. But the offensive line did a great job and made it really easy.

Lance on Raheem Mostert's Speed

I've seen it in practice for the last, you know, since May. So it was a ton of fun. Obviously he's a special guy and doesn't really look like he has to try that hard to run that fast, which is very fun. I'm glad he's on my team.

Defensive Lineman Javon Kinlaw on His Plan Heading into #LVvsSF

There was a plan to play about 20 plays. So I think I had about 16 going into the half, well at half time. They just were like, 'That was good."

I think it's very important to just get out there and try to establish some type of rhythm against somebody else other than people you play against every day. So, I think it was very important. I wish I could have played more being that I haven't been out there much.

49ers Running Back Raheem Mostert on the Team's Quarterback Shuffle

Between the two quarterbacks, you get a little bit a little bit of everything. You get more Jimmy is the pocket protector pocket passer, making plays. But then you also get with Trey, he could run and pass and so can Jimmy as you saw today, when he scored that touchdown. But it's nice to have both the quarterbacks and just get a feel for both of them. It's truly a blessing.

Raiders Head Coach Jon Gruden on His Impressions of Trey Lance

I saw him run a lot of zone reads today. I know he could do that, he did that college, so I didn't really have a chance to see him. I watched him carefully in pregame. He's a great looking kid and I met him in the offseason process. He's got a huge upside and they got two good young quarterbacks.

Raiders Defensive Tackle Gerald McCoy on the Benefits of Playing Against the 49ers Offense in the Preseason

You need to. And really a lot of it is just reading P's (plays) and playing what you see with an offense like that. They draw it up so well that it's a lot of window dressing, a lot of smoke and mirrors to get you to look all over the place for something simple. And they're one of the best in the league at doing that.

Raiders WR Dillon Stoner on the Team's Performance at Levi's® Stadium

You know, coach (Jon Gruden) put us is an opportunity to make plays. (Raiders QB) Nate (Peterman) had two great balls that even I really didn't have to do much just right on the money. So obviously that was fun. I wish the outcome of the game would have been a little bit different. Obviously hats off to the 49ers and their organization. We played hard and fought hard to the end."