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As we look back on a year that has impacted us all, I want to take a moment and  appreciate this group for your tireless efforts and commitments to our community. 

2020 has brought unprecedented challenges, frustrations and uncertainty on so many levels. As high school coaches, you were tasked with telling your athletes about the postponement of the season while trying to figure out what that meant for your team in the meantime.  Beyond football, many of you have had to council, console and guide the young people on your teams' through these times from afar.

Through the delay of the sport we all love, we have learned that not one team's struggles are the same, yet we have all found common ground - passion for getting your athletes back on the field. 

You have taken on the responsibility of being the larger voice for your athletes through starting conversations and creating alignment with each other, the State of California, the CIF and even gone as far as bringing coaches together from across the country. Your ability to advocate for football players is unmatched. We see your efforts and we applaud them, but most importantly we hear you. 

Hearing your challenges, successes, and opportunities has allowed us to create a strategic vision to virtually impact high school football in the short term while looking ahead to next year to continue to find opportunities for you schools and student athletes. 

As we enter 2021 we want you to know that we have been in constant communication with the NFL and teams in other markets who have successfully finished their high school season to learn and understand how we can help support you and your student athletes this Spring. Please know that you are a part of our football family and we will continue to navigate the unwritten together.   

Jared Muela 

Director of 49ers PREP and Fan Engagement

Player and Coach of the Week Nominations

Do you have a player or coach that has made a positive impact on their team, school or community? Nominate them using the below link for a chance to be recognized by the San Francisco 49ers for their outstanding work in the community.

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