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49ers Players React after 19-13 Loss to Cardinals

The San Francisco 49ers dropped their fifth straight NFC West tilt on Sunday, 20-13, to the rival Arizona Cardinals. 

Following the game, players spoke to the media about a variety of topics, including the officiating and the quarterback's continued strong play.

WR Anquan Boldin

(on taking positives from the loss): "We understand the situation. We understand how good we can be. If we come out and play like that every week, we know were capable of being a good team. It's just on us to continue to work hard and try to get better."

(on Blaine Gabbert's performance): "He's a heck of a quarterback. You guys see it. He's poised, he's under control. He has a good control of the offense. He understands where to go with the ball. He understands when he's hot, when he needs to get rid of it. He's playing really well for us right now."

WR Torrey Smith

(on Gabbert's performance): "Blaine played awesome. The plays that he made, he was able to showcase his skills and prove that he belongs in this league. Blaine can play ball. I am just glad that he can go out there and prove it, but we need to get some wins to show for it."

(on how the team can turn the corner): "A different day, a different challenge. We just have to go out and be consistent as possible and that goes along with that. We haven't really been consistent."


DT** Quinton Dial

(on the fourth-quarter roughing the passer penalty): "When I watched the replay, I saw that he just kind of ducked into it and there was obviously nothing I could do at that point."

(on playing better at home versus on the road): "We came out and said we were just going to put our pride on the line and come out and play together. It's something we're just going to have to build on and take it on the road with us. We're on the road the next two weeks, so it's something we can build off of."

S Eric Reid

(on the penalties called against the 49ers): "It's not in my character to blame the refs, but man there were some questionable calls, some very questionable ones. But what can you do? They throw the flags and there's nothing you can do about it, but play the next play."

(on taking positives from the loss): "We can do what it takes to win games. We just have to come out and play like this consistently. We've been shooting ourselves in the foot all season. But if we play like this, we can win some games."

RB Shaun Draughn

(on battling the third-ranked Cardinals defense): "We're no slouches. They're a good defense. They've been playing good ball so far so hats off to them. They played a good game. We came out knowing we were going to face a tough style of defense. But we have good players too so we felt like we could definitely come out and give this team a fit."

(on starting for the third straight game): "I didn't expect to have this type of role when I first signed up, but it's a blessing. God has blessed me with this opportunity and I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and show the guys, show the fans and the organization that I'm here to work."

S Jaquiski Tartt

(on limiting the Cardinals to 19 points): "The biggest difference was we were just locked in this game. Last game we played a little bad, but this game we wanted to come in and focus more."

(on the penalties called against the 49ers): "I mean, you can't leave the game in the refs' hands. We know we have to be a lot more disciplined as a team."

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