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What the 49ers and Packers Had to Say Ahead of Week 1 Preseason Game

The San Francisco 49ers look to open the 2022 preseason against the Green Bay Packers at Levi's® Stadium on Friday night. Here's what both teams had to say ahead of their very first exhibition game:

Niners Liners

Kyle Shanahan on if the first-team offense will play in the preseason:

"Yeah, some of them, we have a pretty good idea. I definitely want to see how these practices go these first two days. I'd like to get guys to play in this game. Mainly because I don't want them to play in the second game. Going to scrimmage a team, I'm more into the scrimmage than the game. And then it's them having a chance to get to play in a game four days after that versus Houston, when we get back Sunday morning will be tough. So that's why I don't want them to play much in that game, so hopefully a little in one, a little in three and then we will have 17 days to get ready for Week 1."

Shanahan on the biggest things he's hoping to see from rookies during the preseason:

"Just that the game's not too big for them. That is the one thing that I do like about preseason games. It's just that there's some people get better when the lights are on and some get worse. And obviously you hope they get better, but you at least want them to be what they've shown in practice. And sometimes you get some guys who you think are a really good player and you get out there and for some reason whoever's in the crowd or whatever it is, they kind of just melt and you're like, alright, he's not quite as ready as I thought."

DeMeco Ryans on what he considers a win during the preseason:

"A win, for me, in preseason games is to really see guys who are young guys. To see those guys when the lights come on and go out and perform. No coaches on the field with them, nobody is holding their hand, they have to go out and compete. And do what they've done to get them here and somewhere along the line they've went out in games and played well. In high school, college and now I'm happy for guys to get to showcase it on the NFL level. A win for me is to just see our guys go out and compete at a high level, play great technique and make plays. That would be a win for me."

Ryans on his expectations for Green Bay:

"We're expecting to have a really competitive match versus Green Bay. I think they run the ball really well. They can throw it too, so we're expecting a really tough matchup. They're a physical team, we're a physical team, so I think you'll see a physical football game with the running backs that they have, the O-line that they have, I think you'll see a really physical game from that standpoint."

Ryans on competing against an opposing team for the first time this season:

"It's the perfect time. Everybody is kind of at that point in camp where you're kind of tired of going against the same guy, same offense, same scheme. So it's a really great opportunity for those guys to go out and see if they can truly own the fundamentals and techniques that we've been coaching these guys, pressing and stressing these guys over their technique and fundamentals. Now, can they go and take it against another receiver, another style of offense? Can they go out and perform and do the things that they've been coached to do? I'm excited to see those guys just take hold of that and go compete at a high level on Friday."

S Talanoa Hufanga on his expectations for the first preseason game of 2022:

"I just want to go out there, have fun, put a smile on my face. Game days are exciting, they're electric. It's a preseason game, but every game you've got to treat it like it's a real one and it's meaningful. These are meaningful reps for guys like me, second year guys, that can go out there and showcase what we can do. I'm very grateful and very honored just to be able to put on this jersey, so I'm very excited."

RB Tyrion Davis-Price on playing in his first NFL game:

"I'm definitely looking forward to my first NFL game. I don't know what to expect to be honest, but I'm praying to stay healthy. Have a healthy game and have fun with my team."

Davis-Price on the advice his veteran teammates have given him for his first game:

"Just go out there and ball, do what I do, trust your training. Just have fun most importantly. Don't overthink anything, just go out there and have fun."

Packers Quotes

Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur on testing his players in San Francisco:

"It's going to be some great competition throughout the course of the preseason and that's why we're so excited to get to San Francisco this week and it'll be a great test for all our players."

LaFleur on which Packers will start on Friday night:

"Yes, he (QB Jordan Love) will."

The (first-team) offensive line is going to play... It'll be select veterans that will not play."

Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst on what he'll be looking for on Friday night:

"How they (young players) handle the sidelines and some game management stuff with the quarterback. I'll probably stay on the sidelines and see how guys interact with the coaches and how guys handle the game-time environment."

Gutekunst on the environment of the first preseason game:

"It's a different pressure situation than it is out there in practice or even on family night. Can they (players) stay calm in the moment, can they focus on the task at hand, can they stay true to their fundamentals and their techniques because obviously when those lights come on and the crowd is there it just becomes different."

QB Jordan Love on if he has something to prove on Friday night:

"I always think I have something to prove, I guess that's the NFL. I think everybody has something to prove when they get out here, just to have a reason why you're here and why you should stay here. I definitely have something to prove and that's what my goal is, to show that during preseason."

S Shawn Davis on how he's going to treat Friday night's game:

"Friday night will just allow us to continue to make plays. It's treated like practice, it's a big stage, but it's just still just playing ball."