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49ers Name Aldin Besirevic of Lincoln High the Week 2, High School Player of the Week


The 49ers High School Player of the Week Award for week 2 goes to Aldin Besirevic of Lincoln High School in San Jose. The junior wide receiver, kicker, and punter – as listed on the roster – didn't think that was enough, as he took on yet another position in the Lions 30-13 win Friday night over Santa Teresa. Besirevic scored in each phase of the game Friday night, catching an 8 yard TD pass, kicking a field goal, capitalizing on 3 PATs, and throwing an 8 yard TD pass. That's right, add it to the list! The WR/K/P turn QB picked up a bad snap, when undiscovered quarterback instincts kicked in. With his eyes down the field the whole way, the kicker found teammate Robert Najar on the goal line, throwing a perfect pass for the TD in the 4th putting his team up 23-6 .

"He found a way to score basically every way you can," said Head Coach Kevin Collins.  "That touchdown put the game away."

Aldin Besirevic's impressive performance Friday night is a true testament to his rigorous work ethic and the pride he takes in giving it all he has in everything he does. His dedication and the amount of time he puts into his craft is something he is known for by his teammates and certainly by his Head Coach, commending him for his constant devotion to get better at each of his positions, specifically kicking.

"The pride he took in working on the kicking game this offseason is truly admirable," Collins said when asked what, if anything, stands out most about his WR/K. "He really works hard at being a kicker. He puts a lot of time into it, he puts a lot of time into everything he does, but especially kicking. And most kids in high school don't do that. They don't put that specific work and focus on kicking."

It might be in his blood, or it could have something to do with his direct surroundings, coming from a big soccer family. With an older brother playing D1 soccer at San Diego State, and parents who played soccer as well, kicking is not a foreign concept for this athlete. Aldin is a soccer player as well, in addition to the various positions he holds on the varsity football team. So the fact that he has become a notoriously successful kicker and punter for the Lions is not a complete surprise. Lincoln's kicking game is expected to be among the league's best this season with Besirevic leading the way. He was 30 for 31 kicking extra points last year, and averaged 34.8 yards on 18 punts. He is off to a strong start this season as the Lions begin there 2015 season 1-0.

However, kicking is just one portion of this all-star's resume. Along with the spear-heading the kicking game with his strong right leg, Besirevic will also serve as a leader on the offensive side of the ball. A talented, well-oiled offensive unit will be critical for the Lions as they attempt to bounce back from their first losing season since 2009, and pursue a Blossom Valley Athletic League's Santa Teresa Division title this year. The junior wide out is by far senior quarterback Robert Zamora's favorite target and is sure to be a major component of the offensive scheme in 2015.

 Head Coach Kevin Collins couldn't image a more ideal candidate for an award of this nature.

"He is just an all-around good kid – very deserving of this recognition," explained Collins, "He is definitely the type of player and all-around young man that we want all our guys to model."

Aldin is someone that both his teammates and peers can turn towards as a role model. As well as he plays on the field, he does just as well in the classroom. Even more commendable, the amount of work he puts into his game he also puts into his school work.

"He takes his grade very seriously," preached Coach Collins. "He takes great pride in his grades. He's just as great of a student as he is a football player, and I truly commend him for that."

Aldin currently holds a 3.0 GPA. He serves as a leader for his teammates just as much off the field as he does on the field, and his performance is equally impressive.

"Aldin is just a normal kid," said the Head Coach. "I think that's why this is so great. He is just a normal kid who works harder than anyone and really puts the work in. It proves that in the end hard work really does pay off. It's great to see him recognized for it."

As the home school of 49ers High School Player of the Week, Lincoln High School will receive a $500 grant for their football program from the 49ers Foundation. Besirevic will receive two tickets to a 49ers home game and a certificate signed by 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula. At the end of the season, Besirevic will be invited to the SAP Performance Facility to accept a trophy recognizing his achievements.

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