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49ers Host Inaugural Chevron STEM Bowl at Levi's® Stadium

On Wednesday, December, 9, 2015, the 49ers Museum presented by Sony hosted the first annual Chevron STEM Bowl presented by the 49ers Foundation and KPIX 5. The inaugural event, which was an exploratory excursion for more than 400 students in grades 4-8, wove participants throughout Levi's® Stadium and the 49ers Museum while learning about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  The participants were joined by 30 mentors from the eighth grade class of the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute's Chevron STEMZONE at Cabrillo Middle School.

Each learning station hosted a 30-minute lesson that introduced a relevant STEM concept in relation to Levi's® Stadium and/or 49ers football while providing introductory information and engaging the group in a hands-on learning exercise. All experiences were aligned with Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

"We seek to ensure that everything we do is enjoyable, but it has to be rooted in relevancy around STEM," said Jesse Lovejoy, the 49ers Museum Program Director. "We've read the research, we know the direction the job market is going, we know the importance of these skill sets for kids to be able to get into college, let alone succeed in college. The idea is for them to go home today and view STEM in a different and approachable light."

STEM Bowl activity stations throughout the stadium included lessons on Solar Energy 101, Wireless Technology 101, LEED Design 101, Football Forces 101, Stadium Design 101, Career Connections 101, Football Math 101, and Game Day Motion 101.

"Students are walking away today with an understanding of what they need to make it out there in this growing tech world," said Cabrillo Middle School student Emily, who is an eighth grade students at the 49ers STEM Leadership Program at Cabrillo Middle School. "It's great to expose kids to this at a young age."

"Some of the students here today have a lot of exposure to STEM and, for others, the Chevron STEM Bowl might be the first time they are learning about the applications of science, technology, engineering and math," said Joanne Pasternack, Vice President and Executive Director of 49ers Community Relations and the 49ers Foundation. "We're hoping to spark the students' interest a little more today by showing them how STEM can be integrated in a place of passion for them – a football stadium, football activities and, of course, getting outside and playing and running and jumping – to learn a little more on the science behind the activities."

Upon the conclusion of the rotating stations, the students each received a Chevron STEM Bowl goody bag, complete with a STEM Bowl t-shirt and 49ers Museum Playbook – so that they can continue to practice their new STEM skills long after their day at Levi's® Stadium.

Underscoring the 49ers Foundation's commitment to keeping kids "Safe, On Track, and In School," in July 2014, the San Francisco 49ers, Chevron, Silicon Valley Education Foundation (SVeF), and the Santa Clara Unified School District launched the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute.  Currently 120 high-achieving 7th and 8th graders explore learning opportunities at the Chevron STEMZONE at Cabrillo Middle School in Santa Clara. This six-year program will expand into Santa Clara High School in Fall 2016, exposing the class of 2020 to a rigorous curriculum of science, technology, engineering and math that will strengthen their skills to prepare them for eventual entry to top-tier colleges in STEM fields and careers.

The 49ers STEM Education Program, which opened in conjunction with Levi's® Stadium in 2014, provides learning platforms for K-8 students through its education program, which teaches content-rich lessons using the STEM principles of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program, a four-part field trip experience that includes museum exploration, a Levi's® Stadium tour, a movement lab, and STEM lesson, additionally leverages football as a platform in order to connect, inspire and engage each student.

On December 9, 2015 the 49ers Museum presented by Sony hosted the inaugural Chevron STEM Bowl presented by the 49ers Foundation and KPIX 5.

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