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49ers GM John Lynch Shares Quick Analysis on Top 4 QB Prospects

INDIANAPOLIS – It's the worst kept secret at the NFL Combine: The San Francisco 49ers are in the market for a quarterback.

"I don't think you need to be too transparent to realize that's a position we're looking at," John Lynch said on Thursday. "We don't have any (under contract). That's a position that's a big focal point of our preparation right now, and this week is a big part of that."

San Francisco's general manager spent several minutes fielding questions about quarterbacks during his press conference. And while some see the 49ers current situation as a negative, Lynch sees a fresh start.

"That's somewhat liberating in that you can create this thing at a position that is so critical. I think we've got a lot of great options at our disposal."

Lynch confirmed that the 49ers will meet with all of the top quarterback prospects throughout the week. (Although it's unknown exactly how many of the 60 interviews will be dedicated to the position.)

Some analysts have suggested that this year's draft features a weak quarterback class. NFL Network's Mike Mayock went as far as to say that he doesn't have a single signal-caller ranked in the Top-10.

On the contrary, Lynch believes there's plenty of talent among the group.

"I'm excited about (this class). I think there are a lot of different opinions as there always will be," Lynch said, acknowledging the popular sentiment among draft media. "I think these guys get a bad rap. There's a lot to like."

Lynch gave brief opinions on four of this year's top quarterback prospects, one of which could be a candidate for the 49ers No. 2 overall pick.

Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer: "We had an opportunity (to interview) DeShone Kizer. This whole thing isn't about an interview, but if you were grading him on that alone, he blew the doors off of it. He's an impressive young man, and his film is very impressive."


Clemson QB Deshaun Watson:** "The same can be said for Deshaun Watson, what he's done, putting a team on his shoulders and taking down a great champion (Alabama).

"I love winners, and he has that. There are certain guys who just carry themselves differently, have a presence about them, and I'd put him in that category. In the brief time (I spent around him), you can just see that there's a confidence, an aura that he carries himself with that's pretty special."

North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky: "I got a note today from somebody that he measured over 6-foot-2, and so he made himself some money today I promise you. You can see, just like the other guys I talked about, why people like him. He grows on you. The more you watch him, the more you like him."

Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes: "He's a guy that the film is pretty special. He's a fun guy to watch, and we're excited to watch more and learn more about him."

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