49ers Get Fit with August Boeger Middle School


August Boeger Middle School has taken physical education to a new level with the addition of a 49ers Fitness Zone where students can engage in a fun-filled workout mirroring aspects of the workouts  of their favorite football team. A collaboration of the San Francisco 49ers, United Way, and UnitedHealthcare brought the NFL's Play 60 initiative to life through the Hometown Huddle Program by developing an outdoor workout facility for youth. The NFL's Play 60 campaign emphasizes the importance of youth commitment to sixty minutes of physical activity per day, and, with the help of Robert A. Bothman Construction, Greenfields Outdoor Fitness Equipment and Crusader Fencing, the students of August Boeger Middle School will have the opportunity to do just that.

"We have installed fitness equipment that will help kids develop their muscles and skills to better their performance on California fitness standard tests," explained 49ers Youth Football Manager, Jared Muela, "After three years of collaborating to build these projects, we continue to enjoy coming together and seeing a project come to fruition to better the youth in our community."

As the 49ers stepped onto school grounds, the eager men in red did not hesitate to grab a paint brush or a wrench to put the final touches on the new state-of-the-art fitness zone. Tight end Garret Celek joined Danielle, Jenna and Mara York of 49ers ownership to create an agility ladder, providing Boeger students with the perfect warm-up activity before diving into pull-ups, curls, and leg presses. As defensive tackle Garrett Celek and teammate Quinton Dial tested out the completed equipment, fullback Bruce Miller teamed up with Marcus Lattimore to assemble a machine which will act as a resource for developing quadriceps and calves. 

"You do not see this equipment in most schools," said Vice President of Robert A. Bothman Construction, Brian Bothman, "It is unique in that it looks like the equipment you would see in a gym, but it is weight-based so these kids are using their body weight rather than springs, levers, or power to help expand their muscle growth."

"There are several similarities between this equipment and what we use as football players," added 49ers wide receiver Marlon Moore, "Using this as a kid is sure to provide the start to a better life."

With UnitedHealthcare's support and the assistance of Greenfields, Crusader Fence and Bothman Construction, the 49ers completed the 49ers Fitness Zone while the youth of Boeger Middle School attended an interactive assembly with 49ers mascot Sourdough Sam. The rally consisted of fun-filled trivia and adrenaline rushing obstacle courses with an underlining emphasis on a healthy, fit lifestyle. After a dance-off between teachers, students, and Sourdough, students were ready for the big reveal of their new fitness zone.

"The excitement has been building throughout the day," expressed August Boeger Principal Dianne Haywood, "Having this fitness zone will help us promote the importance of activity for the wellness of life."

An enthusiastic group of students rushed to their not-so-ordinary playground and fervently began testing out the equipment. Whether they prefer to use their arms, legs, or increase their heart rate, there was something for all to enjoy. Taking instruction and assistance from 49ers teammates, the youth immediately adapted to the exhilaration that comes from physical activity which develops muscle, agility, and an overall healthier life. 

"It has been an exciting day building the equipment and teaching the kids how to use it," stated fullback Bruce Miller, "I did not grow up with playground equipment like this, so it has been eye-opening to come together with so many supporters to give this to the youth in our community."

The afternoon's activities culminated with students collecting photos and autographs as mementos of an exciting day. Though a day of health and physical education came to an end, the addition of the Hometown Huddle 49ers Fitness Zone will remain as a constant reminder and only enhance the fulfillment of the Play 60 initiative and the path towards a brighter future. As the 49ers continue to pour their energy into a successful season, the students of August Boeger Middle School will now have the opportunity to pour theirs into creating a healthier lifestyle.

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