49ers Full 2015 Schedule to be Released Next Week

A look at the 2015 regular season schedule for the San Francisco 49ers.

  • In this Friday edition of Niners Daily, we preview a buzz-worthy offseason date that always creates many storylines to follow.*

Last week, San Francisco 49ers fans got a taste of what the team's 2015 slate will look like when the NFL released its preseason schedule.

Next week, the Faithful will get the main course.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy tweeted on Friday morning that the league plans to reveal its regular season schedule sometime next week.

Although the exact date has yet to be announced, Pro Football Talk previously reported that the release is expected to occur on Thursday. 

The 49ers already know who they will play and where the games will take place – that was determined at the end of the 2014 season. Aside from the usual matchups versus NFC West foes, San Francisco will face the NFC North and AFC North, as well as the third-place teams from the NFC South and NFC East.

The new information that the schedule release brings is what time and what order the games will take place.

Last year, the 49ers played in five primetime games – one on Monday night, one on Thursday night, one on Saturday night and two on Sunday night.

After opting to not host any non-holiday mid-week games in the team's first season at Levi's® Stadium, the 49ers have informed the league that those restrictions will not exist in 2015, meaning that a home "Monday Night Football" game is possible.

Other schedule-related questions include when the 49ers bye week will occur, if the team will play on Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve and if the organization's request to play back-to-back East Coast games will be granted.

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